Transportation Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 23, 2022

A transportation supervisor position calls for excellent communication and management skills.

The cover letter for this position must be written in a persuasive manner and it must communicate your relevant expertise in a concise way.

Here are some useful tips regarding effective cover letter writing.

  1. Start your cover letter with an attention-grabbing introduction that convinces the recruiter that your cover letter and accompanying resume are worth a full read and consideration.
  2. Add some industry-specific keywords while outlining your skills and competencies. This will optimize your cover letter and make it easily searchable in various ATS (Application tracking systems).
  3. Throw in some numbers to give an example of your potential and capabilities. This will automatically help the recruiters relate your profile to the job in question.
  4. End your cover letter with a note of confidence that shows how keen and serious you are about the job you have applied for.

Below is a sample cover letter for your transportation supervisor resume.

Transportation Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Harris Watson
66 Cherry Tree Lane
San Diego, CA
(000) 621-9565
harris .watson @ email . com

October 23, 2022

Mr. Alan Grace
Hiring Manager
RS Transportation Co.
45 North West Avenue
San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Grace:

Your recent job posting for a senior Transport supervisor intrigued me a lot because my experiences and skills perfectly complement your needs.

I am a road supervisor working with a reputable transportation company in San Diego for the past three years. I have summarized a few professional accomplishments below to give you an idea about my potential and capabilities.

  • Reduced vehicle breakdown percentage by 40% through the implementation of scheduled maintenance of vehicles.
  • Saved fuel costs by $3000 per month by chalking out cost-effective routes and enabling GPS-based fuel consumption tracking mechanisms.
  • Achieved 5-star customer satisfaction rating for 2 years in a row by ensuring timely and safe delivery of goods.

In addition to being an outgoing communicator, I offer exceptional team spirit. I am known for my ability to get along well with large groups of people.

My previous job as a road supervisor plus my formal training for the same position has enabled me to manage driver’s shifts, keep inventories and ensure compliance with DOT guidelines in a regular manner.

In light of the above highlights of my candidacy, I believe that there is a striking similarity between your requirements and my competencies. I would like to suggest a meeting with you to discuss the prospect further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Harris Watson

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