Stylist Cover Letter Example

Updated on: July 8, 2019


Whatever you write in a cover letter for Stylist Resume, it should be nothing but the truth.

While you might get away with some exaggeration, lying right out is sure to send your resume out the window.


Another way to foolproof your Stylist cover letter is to quantify it by adding dollar amounts and percentages.

This could include your achievements and how you may have increased X customer base in Y number of weeks etc.

See the example below to get an idea of how to write a cover letter for stylist resume.



Stylist Cover Letter Sample


Tamara Dyke
545 Cross Street
Newport, VT 72643
(000) 999-9999

July 27, 2019

Mr. Albert S. Lucas
Personnel Manager
Rage Salons
9282 North Street
Newport, VT 24355


Dear Mr. Lucas:

I am writing to express my interest in the position of a Stylist at Rage Salons. My friend Tia Mason who works as a receptionist at your salon told me that you are looking for someone who has the experience and the personality that match closely to what I have to offer and possess. I am very excited about the prospect of joining your team of exceptional hairstylists as I am aware of your salon’s excellent reputation in Newport.

I have worked for Belle Salon for four years and developed proficiency in providing state of the art salon services to clients ranging from haircuts, chemical services, conditioning, and styling services. I am familiar with the need to be proactive in this line of work, and I make it a point to provide expert advice regarding hair analysis, maintenance regimes, and retail product information.

Believing in the fact that only the best products should be used and no compromises on product cost must be made, I always ensure that my clients are familiar with what is being used on them. I believe in providing clients with lessons on how to perform some self-grooming techniques so that they can be self-sufficient.

Please accept my resume (enclosed) as part of my job application. I am available to join immediately, and I will follow up with you next week regarding this application. I can also be reached at (000) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Tamara Dyke

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