Product Development Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated: August 28, 2022

Organizations hoping to secure their positions in an industry, or build upon their reputation often acquire the services of product development specialists, who work diligently to improve upon the company’s existing products, and develop new ones from scratch.

These professionals are hired after much scrutiny so that the company becomes aware of what benefit they are capable of providing before they are hired on.

As a product development specialist, it is important for you to be able to analyze market/industry trends, possess marketing knowledge, and have it in you to be able to increase the value and worth of an existing product or product line.

A master’s degree in business (with a major in product development or marketing) is usually the main academic prerequisite for working as a product development specialist.

In addition to this, you will have to possess a logical and investigative mind, a methodical approach to work, and excellent analytic abilities.

A lot of companies hire product development specialists to ensure that their place in the market remains intact.

Since keeping the company afloat in a competitive market, and ensuring constant customer satisfaction is the motivation behind hiring specialists in product development, it is important for them to be exceptional at what they do.

What is it exactly that a product development specialist is expected to do? Read on:

Job Description for Product Development Specialist Resume

• Confer with marketing and research and development managers to determine the need for new product development activities.

• Collaborate with different departments to build strong concept briefs for assigned brands.

• Lead each product development project from conceptualization to maturity, placing special focus on the integrity of each step.

• Ensure that appropriate involvement of different teams (process, packaging, and regulatory) is made obvious.

• Develop and implement product specifications, in sync with the information provided by research and marketing teams.

• Create, develop and implement product prototypes and document product specifications according to established protocols.

• Assist in the development and implementation of project guidelines and evaluate customers’ preferences and recommendations for innovation and enhancement purposes.

• Provide support to both merchandising and sourcing teams to ensure streamlined product development.

• Monitor product development processes to ensure compliance with both schedule and deadlines.

• Define products and programs for each member of the product development team, and establish required milestones and objectives.

• Oversee the development and implementation of advertising programs, public relations initiatives, and marketing communications in a bid to meet product development objectives.