Product Development Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated March 29, 2017

Just like it is important for interviewers to know the person that they are interviewing, it is imperative for candidates to know who will be interviewing them.

Researching the company and particularly the person who is expected to interview you is important.

When you do your homework well, you have a greater chance of not slipping up at the interview stage.

For a product development position, the following set of interview questions and answers should help you succeed the process:


Product Development Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

What specific duties have you performed in a product development specialist position before?
As a product development specialist, I have been overseeing the success of each product, providing recommendations for improvements, creating and developing new product and product lines, and determining different and effective ways of launching them into a competitive market.

How do you deal with competitive environments?
I love working in a competitive environment, as it gives me great motivation to do my best and excel. To ensure that the company or product that I am representing does not fall behind the competition, I perform detailed research on other companies’ products and marketing efforts, and create and develop strategies to ensure that my product or product line remains a notch above.

And what type of skills does one need in order to stay ahead of the competition?
In order to make sure that your company is always a step ahead, one has to possess great analytic skills. The ability to make sure that the company’s products and lines are competitive, knowledge of effectively defining project scope and designs, capably establishing achievable objectives and milestones, and possessing exceptional abilities in ensuring oversight of marketing materials development are all exceptionally important.

Give us one good reason why you believe that hiring you would benefit our company.
Increase in revenue – I believe that I am capable of increasing your organization’s revenue by a good margin once hired as a product development specialist at your company.

And how would you do that?
As per my research, your main competitor is a step ahead of you where annual number of sales is concerned. I have a foolproof plan to make sure that by the end of this year, it is your company that is 2 steps ahead as far as revenue generation is concerned!

As a product development specialist, where do you see yourself in the coming years?
I am positive that I will be heading the product development department within the next 3 years!