Operations Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2022

Every organization wants its operations to run smoothly.

This is the key to a sound system which is why tiers upon tiers of people are hired, and departments are set up.

But to manage all the departments and the people in them is a tough job which is why operations specialists are hired.

Since customer services are the basis of a company’s existence, you will find that many things are done for their benefit.

The principal work of an operations specialist is to determine how the operations of a company can be best changed or altered to meet the customers’ needs.

They are instrumental in placing systems that support departmental business needs in terms of operating on a day-to-day basis.

If you are looking for an operations specialist job, the following resume should play an important role in getting you the job of your dreams.

Operations Specialist Resume Example

344 Idaho Street
Deer Lodge, MT 66666
(000) 905-9109


Diligent and driven operations specialist with 8+ years of hands-on experience in identifying opportunities and creating metrics for continuous improvement.  Highly skilled in developing and implementing processes to improve the delivery of services. Ability to address potential and present problems that may affect the smooth operational flow. Conversant with contacting, establishing, and maintaining meaningful relationships with external and internal forces.

• Proven interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated ability to be a solution provider
• Excellent communication skills
• Flexible and change-oriented
• Proactive with demonstrated professionalism

• Promoted from operations assistant to operations specialist following excellence in performing the core duties of operations management.
• Trained 6 new workers in the operation department.


Operations Specialist
CNL – Deer Lodge, MT
Sep 2018 – Present
• Work with different departments to gain customer feedback
• Ensure implementation of operations management systems befitting customer satisfaction
• Work with different departmental teams to enhance business lines
• Develop, implement and maintain new business opportunities and service present ones
• Assist in driving down defects and addressing problems

Operations Assistant
CNL – Deer Lodge, MT
Jun 2014 – Sep 2018
• Assisted in acquiring customer feedback for program planning purposes
• Managed shipping tracking
• Helped with communicating operations standards across departments
• Interacted with peer groups to lead operational procedures
• Performed light bookkeeping duties

Bachelor of Business Administration
Montana State University, Deer Lodge, MT – 2007
GPA: 3.15