Multimedia Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: August 13, 2017

Resumes for multimedia specialist position seem difficult to write only when we are not aware of what they can do for us.

Once you know that the resume can be responsible for making you top candidate for a position, you will pay special attention to it.

Here is a format that you can use:





Multimedia Specialist Resume Example




Shelby Devin

55 King Edward Road, Boxford, MA 67098
(000) 201-8547
shelby.devin @ email . com


Editorial judgment, journalistic ethics and libel laws

Performance Profile
Analytic, aesthetically blessed, and exceptionally well-organized Multimedia Specialist with extensive specialization in the display of information in interactive application. Well-versed in demonstrating appropriate use of multimedia tools and equipment, focusing on following company protocols and management suggestions.

Track record of success designing and developing multimedia applications, systems and products that involve computer graphics and interactive computing. Incorporates software applications in multiple technology media systems, including animation and text and sound. Proven ability to work from concept drawings, sketches and models, and by virtue of written and verbal instructions.

Professional Skills

✓ Conceptualization ✓ Visual Communication
✓ Web Development Support ✓ Web Content Incorporation
✓ Multimedia Presentations ✓ Testing and Dissemination
✓ Digital Asset Management ✓ Technical Recommendations
✓ Process Analysis ✓ Digital Library Maintenance
✓ Ideas Conveyance ✓ Multimedia Designs Creation


Professional Highlights
• Successfully tested and disseminated a complex multimedia project that has been in a state of limbo after being half-developed.
• Created a series of multimedia presentations that could easily be tweaked based on clients’ specific instructions
• Developed a complex visual communication product, which was considered as the company’s first ever global project.
• Introduced the concept of creating and maintaining a digital library, resulting in increased ease of access to resources.


Multimedia Specialist
General Dynamics, Boxford, MA | 6/2013 – Present
• Conceptualize and create cutting edge dynamic multimedia, video and visual communication solutions for clients
• Handle all the stages of the multimedia development lifecycle, including requirements, initial concept and interactive discussion
• Collaborate with teams to analyze processes, events and services, and to construct interactive presentations
• Produce and deliver final products using a wide variety of software including graphic design and video editing
• Apply graphic design concepts and practices in the design of visual products
• Handle conceptual design in creation of storyboards and scripts for multimedia projects
• Produce and manage high quality photographs and videos while coordinating with involved participants
• Create, manage and update digital libraries and internal and external resources for all multimedia projects

Multimedia Assistant
Engility Corporation, Boxford, MA | 11/2010 – 6/2013
• Assisted in producing high quality photographs and videos for each assigned multimedia project
• Secured locations, dates and staging for shoots and ensured that all dynamics were properly covered
• Worked with drawings, sketches and models and written instructions to design each multimedia project
• Created design ideas using computer-based design packages, including Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
• Tested and adjusted final programs and produced finished design work, in a bid to present final designs to clients

Boxford Multimedia School, Boxford, MA – 2009
Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics

• Adobe Photoshop
• Illustrator
• Apple Motion