Digital Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated April 29, 2019

Venture into the world of letter writing and you will discover that cover letter writing is probably the most complicated.

There aren’t many other types of letters that require attention as much as a digital marketing cover letter does.


The reason is obvious – what one tries to gain from writing a cover letter is perhaps the answer.

The main idea behind spending so much time hunched over a keyboard is to write a letter that will help you gain a digital marketing specialist job.

And it is perhaps this reason that makes us want to write a flawless cover letter for a digital marketing specialist resume



Digital Marketing Specialist Cov er Letter Sample


Curt Young
25 7th Ave
Golden, CO 25141
(000) 745-1023
Curt @ email . com

April 29, 2019

Mr. Scott Reed
Hiring Manager
Agora Inc.
50 Pine Ridge Road
Golden, CO 45659


Dear Mr. Reed:

Digital marketing may not be a new concept but there are very few people out there who can truly do justice to digital marketing campaigns. I deem myself as one of the few ones, as you will see from the list of qualifications that I have provided here:

  • Highly experienced in devising core digital marketing strategies to drive online traffic to company websites.
  • Demonstrated expertise in utilizing a broad range of digital marketing techniques such as paid search, PPC and SEO.
  • Documented success in improving company websites’ usability, design and content through extensive digital marketing initiatives.
  • Exceptionally well-versed in efficiently and accurately evaluating customer research, marketing conditions, and competitor data, aimed at ensuring appropriate planning of digital marketing strategies.

A strong background in handling current online marketing concepts, strategies, and best practices, along with vast experience in ecommerce, SEO, PPC, and social media, make me a great contender for a digital marketer position at Agora Inc. To provide further insight regarding this, I will be in touch to arrange an interview. If you need to contact me before that, please feel free to call or text me at (000) 745-1023.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Curt Young


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