Employment Specialist Resume Sample

Updated July 15, 2017

Each employment specialist resume that you write for each company needs to be unique.

A tailored resume wins interviews.

When you send the same resume to apply for all positions, you take the individuality away from your candidature.


Look at the sample below for reference on how to write a targeted resume:




Employment Specialist Resume Example



Ian White

9611 Pole Road | Wilton, AL 12120
(000) 975-5214 | ian.white @ email . com


Performance Summary
Top-performing Employment Specialist with 9+ years of extensive experience in providing assessments to assist individuals identify career paths. Highly skilled in supporting access to and retention in job training and employment support. Recognized for ability to assist with interviews and hiring decisions across all departments.

Logical and analytical approach, manages application tracking systems (ATS) from creation to closing by posting positions and screening applicants. Qualified to develop and ensure proper training for all participants of the hiring committee to ensure compliance. Competent in counseling clients in meeting both vocational and educational aspirations.

Professional Skills

✓ Client Referrals ✓ Training Facilitation ✓ Workshops Organization
✓ Vocational Counseling ✓ Follow-up ✓ Case Reviews
✓ Plans Development ✓ Vocational Evaluation ✓ Eligibility Determination
✓ Needs Identification ✓ Supportive Services ✓ Courses Arrangements


Key Accomplishments & Contributions
• Successfully placed 90% of clients in appropriate jobs, over the course of 5 years, between 2012 and 2017
• Devised a fool proof job finding system, which matched clients’ specific skills with the exact requirements of the employer, in a dynamic manner
• Implemented a training facilitation system, which replaced the one already in place, and was considered much superior
• Organized 13 workshops within a year, aimed at helping many groups of job seekers obtain employment


Acacia Network, Wilton, AL | 6/2013 – Present
Employment Specialist
• Oversee the application tracking system from creation to closing by placing open positions and screening applicants
• Organize interview committees, call on references and coordinate correspondence with applicants
• Assist interviewers with the hiring process by providing interview support and advice
• Develop and implement core training and development programs aimed to ensure that hiring committees’ work is up to standards
• Provide orientation to new employees with the company’s functions, protocols, procedures and rules

Acacia Network, Wilton, AL | 5/2010 – 6/2013
Employment Specialist
• Provided group vocational training and counseling, and assisted applicants in developing realistic goals
• Conducted follow up activities with job developers and employers to ensure that applicants were provided with opportunities
• Assisted applicants in obtaining information regarding their benefits and referred them to benefits counselors
• Assessed applicants’ vocational functioning on an ongoing basis, ensuring that their candidature is apt
• Ascertained that all candidates’ files and records were confidentially placed and updated

Beacon Group, Wilton, AL | 2/2008 – 5/2010
Recruitment Officer
• Scanned job applications to determine candidate profiles that meet employers’ needs
• Shortlisted profiles and contacted applicants to interview them over the telephone
• Scheduled candidates for interviews, providing them with times and dates and following up with them

Wilton Business School, Wilton, AL | 2006
Bachelor of Business Administration