Autism Specialist Resume Sample and Template

Updated April 21, 2022
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An Autism Specialist works under the direct supervision of a special education manager.

S/he develops and organizes service delivery options to meet the needs of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

In order to apply for this job, a job seeker will need to write a resume, as well as a cover letter.

A well-written resume for autism specialists opens the doors to many jobs. For this purpose, our resume experts have created a perfect sample resume along with a compelling cover letter for Autism Specialist.

Feel free to use this example as a template to build your own resume.

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Autism Specialist Resume Example

Anna Smith
22 7th Street
Jersey City, NJ 64111
(000) 954-3252
a.smith @ email . com


• Compassionate autism specialist with 7+ years of experience as an autism teacher and school psychologist in classrooms for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Well-versed with modern educational practices for students with ASD
• Knowledge of applicable case law related to ASD
• Experience in early childhood evaluation tools and procedures

• Observational data collection
• Instructional strategies development
• On-site training
• Tactful with good manners
• Follow-up on observations
• Behavior management strategies
• Works well with parents and staff
• Behavior plan development


Autism Specialist
St. Louis School, Jersey City, NJ
• Design and execute student programs for special day classes and workers working with ASD students
• Coordinate changeover plans for students moving to additional instructional environments
• Work considerately with workers from the student’s district of habitation and outside agencies

Autism Teacher
ABC School, Jersey City, NJ
• Utilized optimistic strategies to administer student behaviors and help in developing behavior management plans
• Promoted optimistic public relations and advocates so as to set up and maintain comprehensive services for students with ASD
• Took part in professional growth activities such as conferences, classes, staff meetings, and program visitations

Master’s Degree in Psychology
Jersey State University, Jersey City, NJ – 2012
Major: Child Psychology

Moderate-Severe of Severely Handicapped Special Education Teaching Credential

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

New Jersey driver’s license

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