Autism Teacher Cover Letter

Updated on May 18, 2018

Teaching, in general, is a demanding job and autism teaching is even more so.

It requires great patience in the candidate along with other qualities and qualifications such as; knowhow of handling autistic individuals, a passion for behavioral grooming and a lively personality with the ability to keep the children from being distracted due to monotony in teaching methodology.

Autistic teaching positions require special certificates as well. To obtain an interview, every autism teaching position requires a perfect resume and cover letter.

To come up with a perfect cover letter for the position of autism teacher, some sample cover letters might be reviewed before starting to write.

Following is one sample autism teacher cover letter meant for your review.


Autism Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Tina Marcus

66 South Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 71665
(003) 555-4444

May 18, 2018

Mr. Davis Brown
HR Little Bloomers
90 Decatur Lane
Atlanta, GA 71665


Dear Mr. Brown:

I was excited to know via your school’s website that you are seeking a professional autism teacher. Being a graduate in clinical psychology and also a diploma holder in Autism, I believe I fully qualify for the position.

Below is a short presentation of my competencies aligned with your mentioned job requirements.

✓ Well practiced in chunking daily lessons, ability to make flexible lesson plans, adjustable in terms of duration and content as per the mood of the child.

✓ Proven ability to impart daily life skills like eating, dressing, using the washroom and the like to autistic children

✓ Exceptional skills regarding effective communication and rapport building with the autistic children and their families regarding the progress of the child

✓ In-depth knowledge of children’s cognitive, physical and psychosocial developmental stages

Track record of mentoring, inspiring and guiding children throughout their developmental span, providing assistance where needed and imparting self-confidence at the same time using unique techniques

If the remarkable compatibility mentioned above appeals you, then please review my resume and call me to set up an interview. I enthusiastically look forward to discussing the position with you. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at (009) 222-3333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Tina Marcus

Encl. Resume

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