Any resume that you may create for a position that has a high turnover rate, has a huge chance of ending up filed somewhere out of sight. Reason? A resume is all that a prospective employer has when looking for an employee. If it is not written in an appealing manner, well, there are many more that a potential employer may want to go through!

With a great boom in the retail world, the need for shop supervisors is always eminent. Employees come and employees go but each space needs to be filled (especially that of a supervisor). But it is not always that the most befitting people end up in a position. Resumes play an important role in introducing a candidate to a potential employer. A resume which is categorized properly, is not sketchy and has relevant information is sure to catch the eye.

When writing a resume for a shop supervisor’s position, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I have a background in retail?
2. Have I worked for enough time in a retail position which may make me eligible for a supervision role?
3. Can I work under duress and multitask?
4. Can I lead a team of retail workers?
5. Are my customer care skills good?
6. Do I know anything about handling light bookkeeping tasks?
7. Do I rate my marketing skills at a minimum of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10?

If the answer to all the above is yes, you will not face any problem writing a resume for a shop supervisor’s position.

What is a Shop Supervisor Resume?

A resume for shop supervisor position is simply your professional profile, skills and experience written logically on a piece of paper. If you do a good job of placing this information, you have bagged the job.

Mention your Skills and Qualifications

So, what do employers want in a shop supervisor – skills to handle the job is the right answer to this! Write your qualifications in a manner that a prospective employer has no choice but to call you for an interview. You can highlight your customer service experience, handling training needs for shop staff and of course, knowledge of marketing is very important as well.

Highlight Relevant Experiences

Any previous retail experience will go a long way in helping an employer decide your candidacy. Write all that you have no matter how short a stint it was – if it is a retail related job, mention of even a summer job in a convenience store will do. Your job experience section tells an employer how well prepared you are to handle the challenges of this position.

If you have a business education background, elaborate on it. Write down your strengths in handling businesses processes in a retail environment. Your personal strengths such as the ability to multitask and work towards strict deadlines in a timely manner can go a long way in making you a successful candidate.

Things to avoid

A resume is a professional personality photograph; make sure it is written in an easy to understand manner. Just avoid putting in irrelevant information such as your business education courses or the fact that you played baseball in college!