Software Engineer Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: February 3, 2021

The technology boom that we have experienced in the past years is all attributed to the efforts of software engineers who work tirelessly to create technology interfaces that everyone can use.

From the latest in the Xbox series to the personal computers that we use, everything has some input from software engineers.

Software engineers create applications and systems such as operating systems and network controls. They are required to have a strong background in handling technical work which is why most companies prefer to hire people with at least a master’s degree in computer sciences or enough experience to be able to handle the challenges that this demanding job offers.

Due to the constant technology explosion worldwide, software engineers will never be without a job. There is so much demand for them as technology is invading our lives very fast.

Many software engineers job-hop to find jobs that will remain challenging which is why employers are forever looking for new ones while writing the reference or recommendation letters for the ones who are leaving.

The following is a sample of a recommendation letter for a software engineer who has found a job elsewhere. It may help you if you need to recommend a software engineer who worked with you.

Software Engineer Recommendation Letter Example

To Whom It May Concern

Very few people have the capacity and courage to invest themselves in the company that they are working for. Carl Seth is an exception. Since the day he joined Martin Freeworth Inc. as a junior software engineer, we have considered him to be our asset. His productivity began shortly after he joined and went through an initial training phase.

Carl conceptualized martin Freeworth Inc.’s pet project Corbe which is not considered a revolutionary addition to the country’s banking systems. He was promoted shortly after this achievement and has progressed nowhere but up from then on. As a software engineer, he knows his limitations and despite them, can devise and implement systems that are novel. His main strength is in designing and writing code documentation, and he also has a knack for successfully handling quality assurance directives.

The team which Carl led in the seven years was the best one owing to the great leadership and technical expertise he provided. Employees who have worked under his training and supervision are sure to be the next assets to our company. While we are sad to see Carl leave us, we understand that a talent like his needs to be explored more and we wish him the best in all that he does.

As his supervisor, I strongly recommend him for any software engineering position that he wishes to undertake as he will doubtlessly be a star in it.


Harrison Amble
Senior Manager
Martin Freeworth Inc.
Jacson, TN 32545
Tel: (222) 222-2222