Skills and Qualifications for Server Assistant

Updated on March 29, 2015

Owing to the fact that each member of a food service team needs to be perfect in manner and professional knowledge, much stress is placed on skills and qualifications when looking through resumes. A qualified server assistant for instance, will mean that restaurant patrons will receive the best service from all ends.

Since server assistants are technically at the end of a restaurant hierarchy, they need to be perfect in every way. Working as a server assistant, you will need to be detail-oriented, maintain a strong presence and be aware of your surroundings. This means that you will be constantly on your toes and looking over patrons’ shoulders to gauge if they need something – but not appear obvious. Your work as a server assistant means that you will be helping restaurant servers in serving food items, bussing tables and clearing away soiled dishes. Hence, you have to highlight your abilities in doing all this – and more.

If you have ever been involved in a situation where you had to handle a huge amount of restaurant patrons, we take it that you did it successfully because of your ability to multitask. When you sit down to determine your skills (possibly when writing a resume), make sure that you think of your achievements too – no achievement can be accomplished if you are not skilled in your job.

Here are some examples of skills and qualifications that you can mention on your resume for a server assistant position:

Skills and Qualifications for Server Assistant Resume

• Varied food management, preparation and serving skills aimed at providing restaurant patrons with “promised” goodness

• Excellent understanding of handling various food laying duties in accordance to popular bussing techniques

• Quick learner with exceptional organizational skills aimed at providing patrons with constant and consistent food service

• Complete knowledge of soups, stocks and sauces targeted at providing intelligent answers to patrons regarding ingredients and processing techniques

• Able to serve three course meals to 100+ patrons by ensuring consistent food quality and service

• Functional ability to take orders and provide customer services in sync with restaurant policies and food hygiene protocols

• Well versed in correctly filling orders and ensuring that portion sizes are conformed to

• Cash register experience aimed at providing patrons with quick and efficient payment services in the absence of designated staff

• Complete knowledge of handling beverage and condiments bars, targeted at providing patrons with complementing drinks and side orders

• Demonstrated ability to handle multiple orders at the same time by employing exceptional multitasking skills

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