Examples of Summary Statements for Server Resume

Updated on July 28, 2019

Servers are considered an essential part of the foodservice industry.

Since hospitality companies depend highly on servers to ensure recurring business, they hire just the perfect people.


So what makes you the right candidate for a server job?

Well, you will have to let the employer decide that.

But, of course, it is up to you to help him decide – by writing a rocking summary of qualifications on your resume.

Why not a resume objective?


Well, there is really no harm in writing an objective, but a summary encompasses much more than a standard objective. So if you REALLY want to get across that you are indeed the best candidate for a server position, write a summary instead of an objective.

Your resume objective should highlight your experience and how this experience polished your skills. Talk about your customer services, knowledge of food and wine and interpersonal skills.

Because a well-written summary is what will force the reader to read the rest of your resume with interest, you must write it after much thought.

Put your words together so that your sentences make you come across as the best candidate the employer has ever hired.

Don’t go over the top but there really is no harm in telling it like it is!

Some examples of professional summaries for server resume are given below:

Examples of Summary for Server Resume

• Highly motivated and methodical Server with 8 years’ successful track record of bringing recurring business by providing exceptional customer services to restaurant patrons. Demonstrated strong knowledge of food and beverages products and great insight into suggesting complementing menu items. A dedicated hospitality professional who has a special talent for providing gracious service that builds guests’ intent to return.

• Guest service-oriented Server with a strong desire to provide customers with the ultimate dining experience. Committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional excellence by ensuring that “customers come first.” Documented success in providing genuine hospitality while establishing long-term rapport with the patrons by delivering an exceptional dining experience. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• A dedicated, helpful individual with over 12 years of experience working in fine dining restaurants. Effective communicator who has the ability to up-sell menu items to patrons and providing them with viable food item suggestions, in accordance with their tastes. Track record of taking orders and collaborating with team members to serve food and beverages that exceed guests’ expectations.

• An energetic and highly-motivated individual with 5+ years’ extensive experience in the foodservice industry. Expertise lies in working in fine dining restaurants and providing top-notch customer services. Friendly and outgoing with a deep understanding of where to draw the line with customers.

• A dependable and highly flexible individual with one year’s experience working at fast food and fine dining restaurants. Known for creating an atmosphere of enjoyment for customers by providing them with the highest quality of service at all times. Well-versed in food serving duties along with great expertise in food and wine recommendation.

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