Busser Server Assistant Job Description for Resume

July 14, 2019

A Busser/Server Assistant’s role in any hospitality setting is mostly a supportive one.

They assist with the activities of both front and back-end operations and help expedite work.


While this is a support role, by no means is it little in essence as the operations of a restaurant cannot be carried out correctly without these professionals.

A Busser and Server Assistant is must be a jack-of-all-trades and may need to perform duties that are not part of his or her actual job description.

Someone who knows the art of making conversation with guests as they come in may be the perfect candidate for it.

They should be able to multitask and have the ability to handle problems effectively while keeping a professional demeanor.


While most server assistants are trained on the job, the necessity for a friendly personality is vital.

A server assistant needs to make sure that he possesses perfect phone etiquette as he may be required to answer queries on the phone or assist the room service staff occasionally.

An ideal server assistant will possess a pleasing personality, previous food and beverage knowledge and outstanding guest service skills.

A busser or server assistant’s job has many facets but here is an overall job description for a Busser Server Assistant Resume:


Busser Server Assistant Resume Job Description

• Organized tables efficiently without making noise

• Served water and refilled glasses as and when needed

• Cleaned the dining area and serving stations

• Assisted janitorial staff with trash removal

• Assisted in cleaning up spills

• Greeted guests with/in the absence of the hostess

• Made suggestions about menu selections when asked

• Ensured the timely delivery of food orders

• Performed wine services

• Handed customers’ queries and concerns efficiently

• Worked collaboratively to attain the goals of restaurant

• Communicated with managers, staff and patrons to ensure the smooth operations of establishment

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