2 Banquet Server Cover Letter Examples

Updated on: January 11, 2023

A Banquet Server cover letter that will really be considered a good piece of writing is one in which the content is well-developed.

You should know your audience before you begin writing it, which is why some measure of research is important. This research involves information about the prospective employer.

The following 8 points will help you in writing a great cover letter for the Banquet Server position:

  1. Give information about your relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments.
  2. Mention your passion to handle all tasks in a friendly, courteous, and timely manner.
  3. Keep it precise and brief
  4. Do not write non-relevant information or long sentences.
  5. Address your letter to the individual who has the power to hire you.
  6. Target the content of your letter to the needs of the employer.
  7. Make a grammatically and stylistically correct letter.
  8. Write in an active writing style.
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2 cover letter samples for a banquet server are provided here for your reference:

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Banquet Server Cover Letter Sample 1

January 11, 2023

Mr. Robert Foster
Human Resource Manager
The Dragon Inn
1736 Fairway Street
Jackson, MS17363

Dear Mr. Foster:

I am interested in working as a Banquet Server at the newly opened wing of The Dragon Inn. This is the position I am sure that I can do immense justice to. Since I hold a similar position at Delta Banquet, I am positive that I will be a credit to you in more ways than one. Once you have been through the accompanying resume, I am sure you will think along the same lines.

From setting up banquet tables to providing serving assistance, I am a professional at both, as well as everything in between. Exceptional customer service delivery, with a great ability to handle complaints, and ensure that patrons do not leave unhappy, make me an excellent contender to be considered for a banquet server position.

Maintaining a high standard of safety and sanitation, aimed at ensuring repeat business is my niche. Furthermore, I am exceptionally talented in arranging food items on trays and tables, in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and can efficiently assist with post-event clean-up, inventory, food storage, and tear-down.

Since working as a banquet server is obviously a feat that only the best can handle, I would like to meet with you to provide you with a better view of my abilities in this regard. I will call you at the end of the week to set up a time and date for a meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Holly Well
(000) 905-6323
Attachment: Resume

Banquet Server Cover Letter Example 2

32 York Street
Asheville, NC 65922

January 11, 2023

Mr. Joe Anderson
Human Resources Manager
The Grove Park Inn
5421 Some New Street
Asheville, NC 65978

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am writing to apply for a Banquet Server position at The Grove Park Inn, as advertised on your website. My culinary background, bilingual communication skills, and extensive hospitality experience make me an ideal candidate. Utilizing my talents, I would be able to contribute to the success of The Grove Park Inn.

My 2+ years of food service experience have provided me with a solid foundation in banquet serving functions. This includes but is not limited to checking stations for proper set-up and cleanliness, greeting guests in a friendly and polite manner, and explaining any specials or promotions.

I am an expert in recording the details of the order from the patrons, repeating the order to the guest to check for accuracy, entering the order into the point of sale system, and informing the kitchen staff of the particulars. The enclosed resume will provide you with complete details of my qualifications and skills as a banquet server.

As a determined and attentive Banquet Server, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my abilities and culinary background. I will call your office next week to arrange a mutually convenient interview date and time. You may also contact me at (000) 652-1021.

Thank you for taking the time to review my job application. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


(Sign here)
Sara Smith