Picture Framer Resume Sample

Updated on: January 25, 2023

A resume is a window into your professional experience and skills.

When you write a picture framer resume, your primary focus should be on how information is presented in it.

Anything that is irrelevant should not be made part of a resume.

Have a look at the following picture framer resume sample for reference purposes:

Sample Resume for Picture Framer Job

Jeremy Marcus
Inwood, WV
(000) 978-5274


Self-confident and versatile Picture Framer with deep exposure in handling picture framing work for a variety of subjects. Highly experienced in determining the right types of frames and backs for different kinds of pictures, focusing on quality craft.

Capable and methodical with the ability to frame pictures in customized and stock frames, and appropriately mount them on backs. Highly skilled in cutting mounting pictures to fit frames by using paper cutters and power saws. Exceptionally well-versed in setting up woodworking machines and wood stock for accurate cutting, planning, and shaping purposes. Competent in removing old finishes by stripping them with steel wool and glass paper.

✓ Picture Restoration ✓ Varnish Application
✓ Frame Fitting ✓ Finishing
✓ Design Determination ✓ Frame Assembly
✓ Mounting & Lamination ✓ Mirror Framing
✓ Hand and Power Tools ✓ Layout Determination
✓ Matting Advice ✓ Solvents Application

• Successfully removed a 150-year-old photograph from its original frame, as part of a restoration project.
• Framed 200 pictures in one day as part of a rush framing project.
• Devised a foolproof way of extracting old pictures from decaying frames, without harming them.
• Implemented a novel lamination procedure that ensured that pictures were not ruined if they needed to be taken out of their plastic lamination.


Picture Framer
Framing Inc., Inwood, WV
6/2019 – Present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific picture and mirror framing needs.
• Provide clients with information and advice on the best solutions for their pictures.
• Study pictures to identify the best way to laminate, mount or frame them.
• Remove old frames carefully, ensuring no harm to the picture.
• Extract old photographs and place them onto mounts or in selected frames, according to clients’ instructions.
• Determine tooling and machine requirements for each framing and mounting project and decipher the sequence of operations.
• Set up woodworking machines and wood stock to ensure proper cutting, planning, and shaping of frames.
• Fit and fasten frame pieces and ensure that backing materials are appropriately mounted.

Picture Framer Aide
Nada Art Gallery, Inwood, WV
2/2015 – 5/2019
• Assisted in determining the type of frames required for clients’ pictures and mirrors.
• Set up woodworking machinery and operated it to create appropriate frames and mountings.
• Provided support for extracting old photos from their frames and setting them in new ones.
• Applied varnish, shellac, stains, and paints to wood frame surfaces, and handled finishing and waxing jobs.
• Ensured that all newly framed pictures were adequately packed in bubble wrap and stored until delivery time.

High School Diploma
Inwood High School, Inwood, WV – 2009