Woodworker Job Description

Updated on: May 9, 2018

Position Overview

A woodworker or a carpenter is an individual who is hired to provide services such as manufacturing and installing wooden structures, which may include beams, doors, window, cupboards, cabinets, and wardrobes.

These individuals are required to handle the many tasks associated with cutting and shaping wood blocks and logs, and forming shapes that clients require.

Position Requirements

To work as a woodworker, you do not need any formal education. A high school diploma or a GED equivalent will help you immensely in getting the job, as you will be able to read and interpret drawings and specification, so it is best if you do possess basic level education.

Most woodworkers are trained on the job –you may be hired as an apprentice for some months, or even a year or so, before you can qualify to work as a woodworker. If you have taken shop class at school, you will be considered a great person to hire for this position.

Physical dexterity and the ability to perform repetitive work are prerequisites of working as a woodworker. You should be able to use and operate woodworking machines such as saws, and milling and sanding machines. In addition to this, you need to be able to ensure that all the products that you have carved or manufactured, are done so according to industry standards, and the specific instructions of the client.

Some of the main responsibilities of a person working as a woodworker include:

Woodworker Duties & Responsibilities

• Engage clients in conversation to determine their woodworking needs, and provide them with information on available designs.

• Assist clients in determining sizes and types of the woodwork that they require, for specific places.

• Provide clients with cost estimates of their woodworking projects, and obtain required approvals.

• Create lists of required materials such as wood, nails, and glue, in order to prepare for woodworking tasks.

• Obtain supplies and equipment from vendors and suppliers, ensuring that the right type and amount is received.

• Set up and calibrate wood cutting machines to ensure that they are in good working conditions.

• Select and adjust proper cutting and milling tools to ensure that the job is properly done.

• Create pieces out of wood in accordance with the instructions provided by clients.

• Polish finished workpieces, ensuring that they are according to established standards of quality.

• Provide clients with information and education on the proper use of wooden items, and ensure that they understand preventative maintenance.

• Clean and maintain woodworking tools and equipment on a regular basis, aimed at ensuring that they work properly during project time.