Picture Framer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated August 13, 2017

Going through an interview process is like walking on a bed of thorns.

It can be uncomfortable, and can bring you down if you fail.

The trick is not to slip when asked trick questions – if you know the answers, great; if you don’t, you can politely tell the interviewer that you will need to refer to a source to answer his question.

For job-related interview questions (and answers) for a picture framer position, refer to the set below:



Picture Framer Interview Questions and Answers


What is the one thing that you pay special emphasis on when working on a framing project?
I make sure that the picture, craft or mirror that I am commissioned to frame is kept safe and away from possible incidents that may tear or spoil it.

As a picture framer, what have been your prime duties in the past?
While working as a picture framer, I have been handling set up and operations of woodworking and wood stock machines, extracting old pictures from their frames and placing them in new ones, ensuring that frames and mounts are properly made by cutting and shaping the right materials, assisting in handling picture and craft restoration work, and ensuring that the end product is kept safe before it is time to deliver it.

What skills do you think one needs to be able to successfully work as a picture framer?
For starters, one has to be good with one’s hands. If you are not careful and meticulous, you will end up spoiling the subjects that you are working with. In addition to this, you must possess great insight into using specialized equipment and tools to help you create frames and mounts for pictures. In addition to this, you will need to be great at handling repairing work, and redecorating old frames.

As far as restoration work is concerned, what is your experience?
Picture framers automatically end up performing a lot of restoration work. As far as my experience in concerned, I can easily and carefully handle both picture and frame restoration, using a wide variety of techniques and methods.

What has been your most satisfactory project till now?
I was recently involved in a history and heritage project, where the organization for whom I was working happened to get their hands on a huge selection of pictures from the late 19th century. I was commissioned to work on it, and managed to restore and frame over a 150 pictures. This I believe was the biggest and most satisfactory project in my career.

And what are your future career plans?
I am still learning the ropes, and hope to eventually learn enough to work in crafts restoration.