Landscape Designer Resume Sample, Duties & Skills

Updated on: May 26, 2023

A landscape designer may be hired in a residential or commercial setting, depending on who the employer is.

Typically, it is the job of a landscape designer to assess clients’ landscaping needs, provide suggestions and advice, and ensure that landscaping projects are properly developed and executed.

To be considered eligible to work as a landscape designer, you have to possess a diploma or degree in landscape design. Most clients prefer to work with designers who have had prior experience, so if you have a few landscaping projects to your name, you are in luck, as an employer is sure to favor you.

One of the main work of a landscape designer is to make sure that whatever the client has asked for, is given to him or her – client satisfaction is of great importance here.

The main skill that a landscape designer needs in order to work well in this arena is aesthetics, without which, not much can be achieved in this area.

Exceptional customer service skills, proven analytic abilities, and a knack for “creation” are what will make you a great contender to work in this position. Moreover, it is important for landscape designers to be hands-on in overseeing teams of workers such as gardeners and electricians.

Sample Resume for Landscape Designer Position

William Davis
443 Fenwick Drive
Dallas, TX 18398
(000) 527-9854 

Landscape Designer

• Aesthetically blessed landscaper with over 6 years of experience in creating creative landscape designs to meet the specific requirements of a diverse client population.
• Highly skilled in handling site analysis, and providing planting plans for residential and commercial projects.
• Demonstrated expertise in handling design processes from site inventory through conceptual design development.
• Able to prepare project estimates based on clients’ budgetary limitations.
• Works with installation crews to ensure total client satisfaction.
• Proven ability to review landscaping plans, and provide modifications and changes to them as necessary.

✓ Design Architecture ✓ Aesthetics
✓ Site Analysis ✓ Plan Development
✓ Project Oversight ✓ Sketching
✓ Regeneration Schemes ✓ Ecology Study
✓ Redesigning ✓ Renovation
✓ Vendor Liaison ✓ Estimate Preparation

✓ Devised a foolproof way of handling large landscaping projects, considered highly successful by project managers.
✓ Simultaneously led 3 redesigning projects, bringing all of them to fruition within given timelines.
✓ Received accolades for creating the largest nature display at the Nature Walk Festival, held in 2016.
✓ Implemented a site analysis system, which took 55% less time than the one already in place.


Landscape Designer
Roger’s Gardens, Dallas, TX 
4/2020 – Present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific landscaping needs.
• Perform site analysis, to decipher different ways of performing landscaping activities on it.
• Provide clients with cost estimates, based on their budget limitations, and specific designs.
• Arrange for logistics to be handled properly for each landscaping project, by involving third-party agents.
• Create and develop landscaping plans according to the client’s specific requirements and instructions.
• Instruct workers on how to handle landscaping work and oversee their work on a constant basis.
• Provide renovation and redesigning advice to clients, aiming to make their projects aesthetically pleasing.
• Advise supervisors of problems and changes and suggest alternatives to preplanned activities.

The Mustard Seed, Dallas, TX
2/2015 – 4/2020
• Assisted landscaping architects in performing site analysis and taking notes.
• Performed initial client interviews to determine their specific landscaping design requirements.
• Provided support in creating and developing landscaping plans, in accordance with specified instructions.
• Ensured that all workplaces were kept safe for workers and visitors, by following set company rules.
• Created and presented cost estimates to supervisors for assigned projects, to obtain approvals.

Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Design
Texas State University, Lott, TX 

Landscape Designer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Confer with clients to determine their specific requirements for landscape designs, both on a commercial and residential basis.
  • Suggest aesthetically pleasing designs to clients, which align well with their tastes and requirements.
  • Provide clients with cost estimates and timelines for their projects, based on budgetary and time limitations.
  • Create and develop landscape design plans using technology and sketches, in sync with clients’ instructions.
  • Make necessary changes to design plans, based on space and budget considerations.
  • Perform site analysis and create and submit logs of information and observations.
  • Engage the services of different experts and lead landscape design projects.
  • Oversee the work of laborers, and provide instruction and direction as and when required.
  • Modify design plans in sync with clients’ wishes, and incorporate changes on an immediate basis.
  • Provide clients with finished products within delivery timelines, ensuring that leeway for further modifications is left.
  • Engage clients in conversation to determine functional and spatial requirements of approved designs.
  • Ensure that all work processes are in accordance with procedures and policies of construction.
  • Negotiate delivery timelines and costs with vendors, in a bid to ensure high-quality and timely delivery of supplies.

Landscape Designer Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Gather requirements
  • Site Analysis
  • Landscape designing
  • Feasibility study
  • Design suggestion
  • Cost estimation
  • Designing programs implementation
  • Logistics handling
  • Drawings preparation
  • Contracts negotiation
  • Sketching
  • Ecology Study

Soft Skills

  • Aesthetic sense
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail