Hydrogeologist Resume Sample

Updated August 29, 2017


There are many schools of thought about what the perfect Hydrogeologist resume looks like.

It is recommended to ignore them.

A perfect resume is one that has concrete information in it – that is it!

Here is a sample resume to help you build or update your resume for hydrogeologist position:




Hydrogeologist Resume Example



Patricia Clark

7096 Ocean Shore Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 80021
(000) 210-2541
pat.cla @ email . com


Performance Summary
Hydrogeologist offering 9+ years’ solid background in geoscience and exceptionally well-placed training in studying subterraneous water formations. Hands-one experience in studying the location, movement and quality of water formations, to aid construction and aquifer projects.

Applies fundamental geology to develop comprehension of rock types and structures. Exceptionally talented in interpreting maps, geographical data, historical evidence, and models, aimed at building pictures of groundwater regimes. Uses technology to model groundwater flow, chemistry and temperature in accordance with geological formations. Records and analyzes water resource systems data, and prepares correlating reports.

Professional Competencies & Skills

✓ Hydrological Modeling ✓ Water Management ✓ Rainfall Prediction
✓ Floods Forecast ✓ Regulations Implementation ✓ Property Analysis
✓ Data Analysis ✓ Research & Analysis ✓ Water Projects Feasibility
✓ Sensing Equipment ✓ Data Collection ✓ Wastewater Treatment



ECS Limited, Virginia Beach, VA | 10/2013 – Present

• Provide technological expertise for hydrogeological investigations and visualization
• Create well-field water balance collection calculations, and lead and direct balancing efforts
• Optimize field operations to provide increased efficacy and efficiency in remediation efforts
• Read and interpret technical and hydrological schematics and models, and compile related information
• Oversee and monitor groundwater quality, by researching and applying conventional hydrogeology techniques
• Provide technical oversight in specialty areas associated with planning, design and environmental projects
• Evaluate containment transport and fate, and remedial actions, along with managing forensic analysis
• Develop and apply 3D groundwater flow models, and conduct field reconnaissance surveys

Performance Highlights
• Implemented a system to treat wastewater, and convert it into usable (non-drinkable) water.
• Forecasted a massive flood incident, ensuring timely evacuation of to be affected areas.

Hydrogeologist Assistant
Exponent, Virginia Beach, VA | 2/2008 – 10/2013

• Assisted in performing aquifer testing and hydrological analysis, and compiling corresponding reports
• Provided technical expertise and support to groundwater projects, by collecting and interpreting data
• Assisted with the preparation of technical documentation such as work plans and cost estimates
• Supported design and implementation of components of project remedies in the field
• Oversaw drilling activities such as monitoring wells, directing push installations, and handling maintenance activities

Performance Highlights
• Introduced a novel modeling application, which was considered 50% more accurate than the one already being used.
• Trained 15 hydrogeologists in the use of hydrological modeling and data collection, as part of their training.

Virginia State University, West Virginia, VA | 2007
Master of Science in Geology