Quantitative Analyst Resume Sample

Updated on: April 16, 2018

Creating a resume for the position of quantitative analyst can be a challenging task.

The field is highly technical and full of competition these days. To get noticed, your resume must be very perceptive and tailored according to the job requirements.

The best idea in such a scenario is to relate all your past experiences in a manner that the required job skills are reflected in your resume.

An ordinary resume has practically no chance of being noticed, especially for this job. The resume has to be exceptional to convince the employers that you are the right candidate for the offered position.



Quantitative Analyst Resume Example



567 South Lane ● Boston MA ● (099) 444.7777 ● [Email]

Quantitative Analyst

A self-driven and highly motivated individual with 5+ years’ work experience in the finance industry. Special eye for trading stock and gifted with immaculate problem-solving skills and analytical thinking power.

• Investment recommendations based on quantitative analysis of company’s financial statements
• Calculating security risk factors and suggesting necessary precautions
• Developing feasible and profitable investment models based on stock trading strategies
• Advance knowledge of C++, MATLAB, Python, and SPSS
• Expert in quantifying unstructured data to suit research requirements


Financial Analyst
C&C Associates, Boston MA | 2011 – Present
• Develop various quantitative models to project the company’s financial potential
• Identify company’s financial risk factors and implemented precautionary recommendations from time to time
• Analyze masses of unstructured data to develop structured quantitative analysis as per company requirements
• Conduct extensive statistical analysis to optimize the company’s stock trading

Quantitative Research Associate
MFS Investment Management, Boston MA | 2008 – 2011
• Monitored the ongoing already implemented finance strategies and kept them updated with latest finance technology
• Developed and executed analytical investment models for the company’s capital enhancement
• Performed risk analysis and presented detailed reports to the senior management
• Resolved technical issues related to algorithm based software including JAVA, Python, SPSS, C++ and MATLAB, etc

Junior Quantitative Analyst
Global Asset Management, Boston MA | Summer 2007
• Provided feedback on the use of alternative financial software for proficient quantitative analysis
• Developed investment portfolios as needed
• Developed a workable technical infrastructure for quantitative projects


Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance
Boston University, Boston MA (2008)

Masters Degree in Finance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA (2006)