Freelance Videographer Resume Sample

Updated on: December 19, 2016

Writing a resume for videographer position is one thing – writing a good one is another.

What does a good one entail?

A well-written resume has all the ingredients needed to impress a hiring manager into hiring you immediately.

A readable format with sufficient white space and well-structured content all contribute to the efficient flow of a resume.

To see how this is done, refer to the resume sample written for a freelance videographer below:


Freelance Videographer Resume Sample


Mathew Bond

52 Cascade Lane | Montesano, WA 98562 | (000) 999-2511 | matbond @email .com


Offering over 6 years of aesthetically inclined insight into directing multi-camera studio equipment and video switching. Highly competent in determining clients’ specific requirements for events coverage, and ensuring that outcome meets their needs.

• Deep familiarity with tweaking studio lighting and controlling studio mikes to ensure good video capture end results
• Highly skilled in scouting locations to meet clients’ specific video coverage and composition requirements
• Qualified to prepare secondary footage to use in live productions for use in ancillary projects
• Deeply familiar with using a wide variety of tools and software to enhance and edit raw footage to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing


– Location Scouting – Equipment Setup – Cameras Calibration
– Post-production Editing – Quality Consistency – Preventative Maintenance
– Props Preparation – B-roll Footage Collection – Sequenced Shoots
– Special Effects and CGI – Creative Direction – Single-camera Productions

• Chosen as the videographer to film a particularly difficult shot in the upcoming Star Wars movie Rogue One
• Successfully covered 3 wedding events back to back within one day, without compromising the quality of any of them
• Introduced the concept of “green background”, making difficult to shoot scenes easier by 90%
• Led a series of 6 training programs for junior or apprentice videographers as part of a workshop


Freelance Videographer
Montesano, WA | 5/2013 – Present

• Provide interested clients with information on how their events will be covered
• Respond to questions regarding video coverage issues such as timelines and deliverables
• Interview clients to determine their individual video coverage requirements and provide correlating suggestions
• Scout locations according to clients’ requirements and provide them with viable choices
• Arrange for required equipment such as cameras, lights and visual props to be made available for each shoot
• Shoot, film and record videos for a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, brand enhancements and business dinners
• Edit recorded videos by using dedicated software to make the end result seem aesthetically pleasing
• Perform routine and predictive maintenance on cameras and related equipment to ensure that they work well and last long

Videographer Assistant
First Events, Montesano, WA | 2/2010 – 5/2013

• Assisted videographer in setting up and calibrating video equipment according to established protocols
• Provided assistance in locating appropriate locations based on clients’ specific requirements
• Arranged for visual props to be acquired for each video capturing project and provided heads up to actors on the storyboard
• Set up and broke down sets at the end of the recording session and ensured that all equipment and props were carefully stored
• Assisted in editing and tweaking raw footage to meet the quality and video length standards of the organization

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications – 2010
Washington State University, Montesano, WA