Videographer Resume Objectives

Updated on December 18, 2016

If you are on this page because you want to know if an objective should be included in a videographer resume, then you are on the right place! And the answer to your question is yes. Resumes should never risk their reputation by not hosting an objective. A resume without an objective is as bad as a resume not existing at all! Yes, that is how important resume objectives are.

But how does one tell a well-written objective from a not so well-written one? After all, one cannot just write anything in a resume! The difference is in the content. Hiring managers do not care if your resume objective is long or short – they just need to look at content that tells them that they are looking at the resume of a professional. Of course, the rest of the resume matters too, but the objective is where all the judgement begins. You write a not so good objective and no matter how well you have written the rest of it, your resume will be considered as bad as the objective.

The problem with writing a good resume objective is that you never really know what works well. And this is where your research skills, and your inherent professional abilities come in. Shining through a videographer resume objective is easy if you know what to write. Here are some examples:

Sample Objectives for Videographer Resume

• Seeking a position as a Videographer at Memoire Events providing benefit of exceptional skills in capturing and recording precious moments using dedicated video and auxiliary equipment.

• Highly talented and competent Videographer, presently seeking employment with PR Events and Services. Offers 8+ years’ track recors of success determining clients’ video coverage requirements, and utilizing props, locations and equipment to meet their event coverage needs.

• Top-performing Videographer with over 10 years of dedicated experienced in capturing and recording a wide variety of videos to meet the specific coverage needs of each client. Presently anticipating a position at Focus Brands, bringing deep insight into handling pre and post production work including sound design and color correction.

• Competent, hardworking and highly organized Videographer with exceptional aesthetic sense, currently seeking employment with VF Corporation. Eager to apply expertise in operating DSLR cameras and lighting equipment to create and capture / record compositions for videos.

• Desire a position as a Videographer at Nautica. Offering skills in researching and acquiring stock images for videos, creating new images, recording brand statements through video captures, and encoding and outputting videos for online video hosting and sharing on social media channels.