Never Employed Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2018

A cover letter is an applicant’s strength. Even if you have never been employed before, your cover letter can say a lot of things about you as an individual.

The best part about writing a cover letter when you have no experience is that you can write anything. The fact that cover letters do not hold information about your work experience helps as well.

Writing a cover letter for the first time, you may feel at edge about the whole thing.

How do I write the best content in a cover letter?

What do I write?

How will a hiring manager perceive it?

What makes me a great person to hire?

Answering all these questions in a cover letter will save the day. Remember that the hiring manager is not looking for an experienced person if he or she had advertised for an internship or volunteer position, which lets you off the hook quickly.

The best way to go about writing a cover letter at this point is to concentrate on what you have to offer regarding book knowledge and inherent skills. Here is a sample to help you along:


Never Employed Cover Letter Example



June 4, 2018

Mr. Simon Ahuja
Human Resource Manager
Millennium Sports Kits
6900 Green Hall Road SE
Stone Mountain, GA 90344


Dear Mr. Ahuja:

I am a recent graduate of the Georgia State University, holding a degree in business, with a major in marketing. Seeing your advertisement to hire a marketing intern at Millennium Sports Kits encouraged me to apply for this position, as I feel that I am ready to provide the benefit of my knowledge in this regard.

Having led a mock marketing project (as part of the class curriculum), I managed to gain significant insight into the intricacies that are part of each marketing plan. The fact that a popular multinational company took great interest in my project, the plan of which was made public at a marketing fair, is an added kitty in my pouch. As an enthusiastic, and resourceful individual, who has a solid knowledge-base of what marketing is all about, and how marketing plans are strategized and led, I am confident that I will be a great addition to your team, in the role of an intern.

Next week, I will contact you to see if you have an empty slot when we can meet in person. Until then, you may call me if you have any concerns regarding my suitability for the position of a marketing intern at Millennium Sports Kits.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Susan Jones

(000) 222-2222