2 CNC Machinist Resume Samples

Updated November 7, 2022
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So you are a qualified CNC machinist seeking a new job?

You need a compelling resume to succeed in your job hunt since many applicants are applying for the same position.

Here are some helpful tips for CNC machinist resume building:

Choose a smart layout for your resume. Use short bullets to communicate your skills and qualifications.

There are many formats for resumes available on the internet. Do not use a built-in template but do select a format that can aid you in highlighting your best skills.

Technical details
CNC machinist is a technical position. You must add information about your technical expertise but make sure you keep the language simple. Do not use too much jargon that becomes difficult to comprehend.

Below are two resume samples for CNC Machinist for your guidance.

CNC Machinist Resume Sample 1

Richard Kline
44 Hathaway Street
Britton, SD 45002
(000) 555-9444
richard @ email. com

Equipped to provide excellence in CNC Machine operations.

Dexterous CNC expert with 15 years of hands-on experience in blueprint interpretation and accurate machine setup. Full command over software and programming languages required to key up CNC machinery for specified automatic functions.
• Competent in the fine-tuning of software to obtain the desired quality of the end product.
• Deep understanding of GD&T tolerance and G&M control codes.
• Known for ensuring quality and taking correctional measures accordingly.

– CNC Troubleshooting – Material Inspection
– Quality Control – Machine Set-up
– Bench Gauging – Downtime Reduction
– Preventive Maintenance – Production Paperwork
– Orthographic Designs – Engineering Plans
– Process Verification – Plan Interpretation

✓ Reduced annual cost of machine repairs by 50% through proactive and vigilant preventive maintenance.
✓ Timely detected and rectified an error in the programming of a newly set up machine for cutting and threading which could have proved to be fatal for the equipment if gone unnoticed.
✓ Implemented safe and effective tool operating procedures at the factory.
✓ Mentored and coached a team of 20+ employees and enhanced their work efficiency by 45%.


CNC Machinist
ENTEK, Britton, SD                              
9/2016 – Present
Selected Accomplishments
• Participate in a series of interactive programs that promoted proactive team efforts designed to achieve departmental missions.
• Provide training to a group of new employees as CNC Machinists in record time for the new production plant.
• Respond to design demands by varying the software input.
• Troubleshoot faulty software issues to rectify the operation.
• Set up new CNC machines and install the required specifications in the equipment.

CNC Helper
WALCO TOOLS, Britton, SD                      
6/2007 – 8/2011
• Assisted the CNC engineers in blueprint interpretation.
• Conducted debugging tasks for new and old software.
• Carried out the metrics and mathematical conversions required to obtain the desired and specified final product quality.

Diploma in CNC Operation

CNC Machinist Resume Sample 2 (Less Experience)

Noel Dimitri
88 Iris Road
Lewes, DE 72663
(000) 922-9009

Seeking a position as a CNC Machinist with Eaton Corporation, using profound skills in handling CNC machinery and exceptional knowledge of manufacturing procedures

• 3+ years of experience as a CNC Machinist with Triumph Group
• Exceptionally skilled in axis CNC machining, tooling, and fixtures
• In-depth knowledge of drawing interpretation
• Hands-on experience in calculating and setting up machine controls according to production type
• Able to read and interpret blueprints effectively
• Proven ability to develop and implement ideas that are resourceful, gainful, and quality orientated

• CAM software including Mastercam
• MS Office Applications


CNC Machinist
Triumph – Lewes, DE                                         
Apr 2021 – Sep 2022
• Set up and operated most CNC machines
• Adjusted machines and tools to achieve blueprint requirement
• Set up raw materials on the machines
• Run and edited programs
• Checked levels of lubricating fluid
• Corrected defects as and when required
• Performed quality control procedures

Lewes City School, Lewes, DE 
High School Diploma

• Ability to lift heavy objects
• Knowledge of tool holders and cutting tools
• Proven ability to follow instructions
• Strong finger dexterity
• Basic math skills
• Excellent communications skills