Top 10 Accomplishments for Sales Associate Resume

Updated March 26, 2022
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Wondering why a sales associate resume needs an accomplishments or achievements section? 

This page will not only answer this question but also some sample accomplishment statements suitable for a sales associate resume.

How to Write Achievements Statements on a Sales Associate Resume?

Here are some tips on how to phrase your accomplishments effectively:

  1. Add numbers: Accomplishments that are quantified and quote some percentage or an amount to show the impact your contribution made, are always more effective.
  2. Start with a power verb that implies you were in control of the situation.
  3. Write how you added the value in which the company benefited from the same.
  4. Include anything where you contributed to the company’s success. It can be a sales record, a successful brand you launched or statistics showing you enhanced the customer satisfaction levels.
  5. A professional award or title achieved also counts. If you have some relevant award to your credit, make sure it shows in the accomplishments section.

Have a look at the accomplishment examples for a sales associate position given below:

Sample Achievements for Sales Associate Resume

  1. Implemented effective sales strategies that led to 130% achievement of annual sales targets set for the year 2021.
  2. Surpassed monthly sales targets by $20000 by utilizing strong communication skills and convincing power.
  3. Drove $5000 more sales per month through up-selling and cross-selling based on customers’ needs.
  4. Increased the overall customer base by 60% through leverage of contact referrals and demonstration of high-quality customer service.
  5. Enhanced the sales of the assigned department by 50%, by implementing contemporary and highly effective sales tactics.
  6. Developed and executed effective sales enhancement strategies at the sales team level.
  7. Lead the sales team in the successful and productive launch of three new brands in 2019.
  8. Attained 5-star feedback from 800+ clients.
  9. Attained Employee of the Month Award many times.
  10. Boosted the effectiveness and productivity of the sales team by initiating better incentives for the sales staff directly in contact with the customers.


The accomplishments section, as the resume writing specialists say, is the new experience section.

It was common practice until a couple of years back to include a long list of duties or job descriptions in the experience section.

This is, however highly discouraged by resume writing experts these days because it wastes valuable time and space.

Instead, focus on your professional achievements or accomplishments in either a separate section or a subsection.

Accomplishments help the employers see a candidate’s potential and quickly impress them.

You can write great achievements statements on a sales associate resume by using the 10 statements mentioned above.