Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2015

For anyone who is daunted by the prospect of writing a resume for visual merchandiser position, here is something that will help you.

There are just 5 steps of resume development and these include:

1. Job description analysis
2. Accomplishments list generation
3. Relevant skills identification
4. Descriptive phrases writing
5. Format choosing

The first 4, the candidate has to brainstorm for. The 5th, we can help with:


Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample


Jamie Oliver

300 Trainer Way ● Reno, NV 89127
(000) 141-4721 ● jam.ol @ email . com


PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Versatile and creative individual who has extensive hands-on experience in developing, delivering and communicating visual concept and strategies, aimed at promoting retail brands. First-hand experience in liaising with buying, designing and marketing teams to create effective themes and plans.

• Proven record of conducting correlating research and identifying future trends in lifestyles and design
• Focused on creating specialized displays to promote specific products and offers
• Committed to making the best use of stores’ space and layout in a bit to reach out to new and existing customers
• Thorough understanding of aesthetic principles


• Promotion and marketing • Display sourcing • Props creation
• Floor plans • Sketching • “Window-shop” capitalization
• Inventory management • Visual displays • Project management
• Creative flair • Advertising • Departmental communication

• Increased the company’s sales for a newly introduced product by 70% (as opposed to the 20% projected sales) by successfully handling detailed visual merchandising activities
• Designed 5 visual merchandising models upon which most of the company’s merchandising efforts are now based
• Amplified existing customers’ interest in new products by effectively capitalizing on their “window shopping” experiences
• Put up 84 props within 2 days, just in time for the opening of a new store


TOPSHOP, Reno, NV (5/2011 to Present)
Visual Merchandiser
• Analyze the need for visual merchandising by looking through the details of each product that the company sells
• Create visual representations of existing and new products
• Communicate the standards of product displays such as floor sets, table top displays, chair wall sequences and signage placements to merchandising personnel
• Build visual libraries of studio conditions and execution of visual directives
• Set up and maintain fixtures and props in an appealing manner
• Design window and internal displays based on specific themes and promotional trends
• Dress mannequins and use appropriate lighting to display merchandise in best possible presentation
• Install graphics and signage and dismantle displays after promotion periods end
• Provide sales staff with information and training on how to maintain promotional displays

MACY’S, Reno, NV (11/2006 to 5/2011)
Visual Merchandising Assistant
• Assisted in performing market research regarding competition and trends
• Created research reports and discussed opportunities with supervisors
• Provided support to each promotional activity by assisting in creating and implementing visual merchandising strategies
• Dressed mannequins according to themes and colors being followed for each merchandising campaign
• Assisted in setting up and maintaining fixtures such as props and detailed displays


Visual Merchandising Certificate
Coursework: Workforce Development ~ Critical Thinking ~ Introduction to Fashion ~ Art for Fashion Design ~ Fashion Retailing ~ Apparel Computer Systems ~ Sketching ~ Product Promotion

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration