Visual Merchandiser Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 13, 2023

Position Overview

While visual merchandisers do not have anything to do with the sales and marketing teams of a company directly, they assist in considerably increasing a company’s sales.

Visual merchandisers usually work in the fashion industry where their primary job is to ensure that the visual appearance of a shop – usually the display window – is appropriately projected. But dressing mannequins is not all that they do.

Visual merchandisers are responsible for making the company’s products appealing to customers.

Since eye-catching visual displays entice customers to buy products (even if they don’t need them), it is essential for companies to hire people to make sure that this is possible.

Imagine passing by a shop and seeing the black and red dress you have always wanted to be draped beautifully on a mannequin. Will you be tempted to go in right? Right!

That is the visual effect displays have on customers, and that is what visual merchandisers are required to make sure happens!

Visual merchandisers do not only handle visual displays, but they also assist customers inside the shop by helping them in dressing rooms and even managing the cash register at times.

Since this work requires one to be extremely customer service-oriented, it is essential to be able to exercise tact and patience so that customer satisfaction can be ensured.

Sample Job Description for Visual Merchandiser Resume

  • Conceptualize visual merchandising strategies and ensure that their implementation is done positively.
  • Devise plans to encompass the store’s complete look regarding visual appearance.
  • Make decisions about what types of mannequins will be displayed in the display window.
  • Dress mannequins in clothes that are in the top range within the store.
  • Make sure that other decorations on the window display are handled in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Ensure that mannequins that work well with the company image are procured in a time-efficient way.
  • Devise new ideas for window displays and promotional concepts.
  • Formulate and implement marketing gimmicks with a view to attracting customers to step inside the store.
  • Maintain a welcoming and ambient store environment.
  • Ensure that store displays are changed according to weekly, monthly, or seasonal themes.
  • Interact with customers to determine changes that should be made to make the store more attractive.
  • Handle inventory management and stocking activities.
  • Ensure that both window display and storage areas are kept clean and functional at all times.
  • Make sure that window displays depict the style and message of the company.
  • Comprehend each product’s specific features and create plans to boost its image.
  • Research market and industry trends to determine how the competition is handling its marketing activities.
  • Set up visual representations of products by constructing, painting, and setting up signs, sales banners, and panels.
  • Maintain and present visual displays in a compelling manner to attract new and existing customers.
  • Produce design ideas for displays and develop correlating floor plans to execute them.
  • Create and install special displays to promote specific products or product lines.
  • Acquire display materials and props by creating and maintaining liaisons with procurement managers and vendors and suppliers.
  • Determine effective use of space and lighting within the store.
  • Create branded visual merchandising packs for each branch of the store to use as part of its marketing activities.
  • Assemble and disassemble visual displays within the store or in windows.
  • Lead and motivate merchandising teams to complete displays in a time-efficient manner.
  • Dress mannequins according to the theme and ensure that appropriate accessorizing is carried out.