Store Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2022

Store assistants work in a retail environment where they are expected to provide customer assistance and manage the operations of a retail outlet.

They are the first point of contact in a store and are expected to greet customers and provide them with information on new deals and products and also assist them with finding products.

They also double as cashiers in some instances and are also expected to ensure that all operations of the store are managed in a time-efficient and smooth manner.

Retail acumen is the only requirement for this position, and some customer service knowledge will also help you get this job.

A well-written cover letter will, of course, help you gain employment as well.

Store Assistant Cover Letter Example

Mary Issac
3882 Country Road W
Hillrose, CO 90333
(000) 999-9010

September 6, 2022

Mr. Scott Irwin
Manager Human Resources
332Ernst Drive
Hillrose, CO 89383

Dear Mr. Irwin:

I am writing to explore the opportunity of working as a Store Assistant at K-Mart. Thriving in an atmosphere of challenge and hard work is second nature to me which is why I chose to work in the retail arena. 

Being well qualified for this position will be an understatement as I have worked in a similar capacity for a long time and in different retail stores. I can deliver exceptional customer service as I comprehend the need to be more than perfect as far as customers are concerned and I am always dedicated to exceeding performance expectations.

With my knowledge of developing product knowledge and selling merchandise, I can safely say that I can execute a smooth retail operation at all times. I work well with people and can take orders without taking anything personally and have excellent knowledge of store preventive maintenance protocols.

As my background indicates, I am an exact match to this position’s specifications and would like to take this further by initiating a meeting with you. I would value an opportunity to discuss this on a one-to-one basis.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mary Issac

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