Retail Buyer Resume: 2 Samples, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: March 8, 2023

Do you know that the items/products that you see on shelves in a retail environment are due to the effort that has been put in by dedicated retail buyers? It is true.

Retail buyers are hired specifically to make sure that product lines are selected and that good quality and availability of required products are made possible.

In order to apply for the retail buyer job, you will need to write a compelling resume. In order to make your resume attractive, keep it simple, short, and to the point.

Your resume for the retail buyer position can be created/updated on the basis of the one provided below:

Retail Buyer Resume Sample 1

Gregory Burke
Watertown, SD
(000) 352-2051
gregbur @ email . com


Uniquely qualified retail buyer with 12 years of progressively responsible experience in planning and selecting different products to be sold in retail outlets. Well-versed in considering factors such as customer demand, market trends, store policies, and financial budgets when making a crucial buying decision.

• Analyzing customers’ buying patterns and predicting future trends in retail.
• Constantly reviewing performance indicators including sales and discount levels to determine types and quantities of merchandise to be bought.
• Judging product quality to ensure that it meets the company’s standards for excellence.
• Collaborating with retail merchandisers, visual merchandisers, and marketing staff to procure the right types and quantities of items to be sold to retailers.

• Identified 4 new wholesale suppliers, businesses with whom cost 50% less than the on-panel suppliers.
• Constantly kept the supply-demand balance in check between 2015 and 2022.
• Negotiated a particularly profitable supplier contract which reduced the cost of acquiring raw materials by $5000 per month.
• Reorganized the inventory management system which increased stock level information efficiency by 36%.


Retail Buyer
Spectrum Brands, Watertown, SD
6/2015 – Present
• Develop and implement strategies to acquire materials from wholesalers.
• Perform research to determine the quantity and type of items required by customers.
• Handle product lifecycle from the planning stage to initial release.
• Obtain information from store executives to determine the types of items required.
• Manage and analyze stock levels and make lists of goods to be acquired.
• Contact vendors and wholesalers to determine the availability of required merchandise.
• Negotiate prices and delivery schedules to ensure that budget needs are fulfilled.
• Judge product quality by carefully checking each item before a consignment is bought.
• Choose which product ranges are most popular and ensure that sufficient quantity is obtained.
• Review and track sales performance figures and ensure that information regarding competition is derived accurately.

Assistant Retail Buyer
Havana Jeans, Watertown, SD
1/2011 – 5/2015
• Contacted store personnel to determine demands for particular products.
• Created work orders and ensured that all detail (colors, sizes, and fabrics) are obtained accurately.
• Maintained and monitored purchase orders, shipping, and allocations.
• Created periodic reports to support merchandising strategies.
• Developed product assortments and assisted in placing orders.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Major: Retail Management

• Contract Negotiation • Market Trends Analysis
• Sales Patterns Analysis • Store Layout Planning
• Sales Promotions • Stock Level Control
• Promotional Activities • Supply and Demand Balance
• Delivery Timescales

Retail Buyer Resume Sample 2

Tina Bowler
Pittsburg, NH
(000) 324-2469
tina.bow @ email . com


“I work effectively under pressure with great attention to detail in tight deadlines.”

Client-focused and organized Retail Buyer with 8 years of extensive experience in supporting wholesale businesses and working closely with professionals to ideate the best product offerings to effectively reach sales metrics. Ability to ensure that the right merchandise is at the right place, and at the right time. Thorough comprehension of the needs wants and expectations of customers. Dependable with first hand experience in negotiating exclusive offerings, terms, pricing, vendor-funded markdowns, and drop ship programs.

✓ Product Selection ✓ Product Development
✓ Retail Buying Strategies ✓ Brand Integration
✓ Incremental Sales ✓ Inventory Management
✓ Competition Management ✓ Items Selection
✓ Vendor Setup ✓ Merchandising Plan
✓ Negotiation ✓ Buying Plans Revision


Retail Buyer
Balenciaga, Pittsburg, NH
5/2020 – Present
• Analyze consumer buying patterns and predict future trends.
• Review performance indicators including sales and discount levels.
• Identify customer preferences and evaluate supplier options in accordance with prices and quality.
• Purchase new products and ensure that the quality and popularity of those already on shelves.
• Negotiate terms of the agreement to achieve the best deals for companies, and ensure timely delivery of products.
• Create and maintain trust relationships with suppliers to ensure that fair dealings are ensured.
• Develop seasonal department merchandise strategies, and identify and select key items.
• Integrate brands, sourcing, marketing, tech and services, and retail supply chain supply functions.
Selected Achievements
• Successfully predicted consumer buying behavior, and devised correlating buying plans.
• Increased sales by $40000 per month by introducing a series of foolproof retail buying programs.
• Developed seasonal department merchandising strategies based on customers’ expectations.

Assistant Retail Buyer
Hallmark, Pittsburg, NH
2/2015 – 5/2020
• Assist retail buyers in selecting merchandise, placing orders, and distributing inventory.
• Manage and reorder processes to ensure a consistent flow of products at all times.
• Oversee the tracking of all deliveries and coordinate with warehouses for inbound deliveries.
• Negotiate with vendors on pricing as it relates to late deliveries and shipment issues.
• Coordinate with retail accounting staff on all credits, returns, and payments of invoices.
Selected Achievements
• Decreased cost of acquiring retail products bringing onboard a less expensive but quality vendor.
• Led a retail marketing campaign, which was considered the most successful of its kind.

Associate’s Degree in Retail Management
North Hampshire State University, Pittsburg, NH

Retail Buyer Job Description for Resume

A list of duties associated with the work of a retail buyer is provided below. You can use these phrases to build your resume.

  • Conduct market research and perform consumer trend analysis to determine the type and quantity of goods required.
  • Analyze sales trends and conduct consumer opinion surveys to understand future trends.
  • Perform budget analysis and ensure that all retail buying tasks are conducted within allocated budgets.
  • Handle cost and scenario analysis, and ensure that any associated problems are communicated to the supervisor.
  • Evaluate supplier options in accordance with prices and quality and determine what decisions are in sync with the company’s directives.
  • Purchase new products and check the quality and popularity of those already on the shelf.
  • Negotiate with vendors and suppliers to ensure that the best prices and delivery timelines are decided upon.
  • Monitor stock levels and budgets and ensure that all buying plans are made within provided budgets.
  • Handle changes in demand and logistics according to the ups and downs of the retail market.
  • Participate in promotional activities and merchandising work, ensuring that both marketing and sales teams are properly assisted.
  • Manage plans for stock levels, and provide alerts during low stock situations.

Retail Buyer Skills for Resume

Some skills statements that you can use for a retail buyer position are provided below for your reference:

  • Competent at analyzing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends
  • Hands-on experience in reviewing performance indicators and effectively reacting to changes in demand and logistics
  • Effectively able to create and maintain effective liaison with suppliers and vendors, to negotiate terms and contracts
  • First-hand experience in sourcing and selecting new products through catalogs, and by attending trade fairs and events
  • Demonstrated expertise in monitoring market changes, competitor prices, and products, and performing correlating vendor buying activities
  • Proficient in recommending clearance sales, and varying delivery schedules to assist in the control of stock levels
  • Adept at presenting new ranges to retail managers, and assisting visual merchandisers in planning store layouts
  • Proven ability to work in correlation with advertising personnel to present sales promotions and lead marketing campaigns
  • Able to negotiate prices and delivery timelines to ensure that the right type of product is delivered to the right place at the right time
  • Competent in pitching ideas to senior management in order to ensure that retail buying plans are properly executed
  • Skilled in handling budgeting and stock control work, with special emphasis on remaining within set parameters

Position Requirements

An associate’s degree in retail or merchandising is required if you want to work as a retail buyer.

In addition, it is imperative for you to know and understand the retail world inside out, along with all other facets such as marketing and sales.

If you have worked in any capacity in a retail environment before, you will know most of what there is to know about the work, and a little training will go a long way in helping you do your work successfully.

Besides a degree, you will need to possess outstanding communication skills, an aptitude for successful negotiation, and familiarity with market research and data analysis.

Forecasting trends and consumer buying patterns are activities that you will be performing quite often in this role. Moreover, you will need to work with vendors and suppliers, which is why it will be imperative for you to understand how to create and maintain effective relationships with them.