Retail Buyer Resume Sample

Updated on February 21, 2018


Considering yourself in a hiring manager’s shoes, what would be the first thing that you would look for when you pick up a resume for retail buyer position?

The obvious answer is readability. Retail buyer resumes are notorious for being too full of information that they actually end up being useless to hiring managers, who prefer to put them down and pick up ones that are a little less overwhelming. And that does not work very well for an applicant who has spent years acquiring the experience and skills that he has mentioned in his resume.

So keep your resume informative but not too long. Keep vital information in and let the rest go. Your resume for retail buyer position can be created/updated on the basis of the one provided below:


Retail Buyer Resume Sample



Gregory Burke

523 25th Street NE ● Watertown, SD 02321 ● (000) 999-9999 ● gregbur @ email . com


Uniquely qualified retail buyer with 17+ years’ progressive experience in planning and selecting different products to be sold in retail outlets. Well-versed in considering factors such as customer demand, market trends, store policies and financial budgets when making crucial buying decision. Adept at:

• Analyzing customers’ buying patterns and predicting future trends in retail.
• Constantly reviewing performance indicators including sales and discount levels to determine types and quantities of merchandise to be bought.
• Judging product quality to ensure that it meets the company’s standards for excellence.
• Collaborating with retail merchandisers, visual merchandisers and marketing staff to procure the right types and quantities of items to be sold to retailers.


• Contract Negotiation• Market Trends• Sales Patterns Analysis
• Store Layout Planning• Sales Promotions• Stock Level Control
• Promotional Activities• Vendor Relations• Supply and Demand Balance
• Delivery Timescales• Future Sales Prediction• Inventory Management

• Identified 4 new wholesale suppliers, business with whom cost 50% less than the on-panel suppliers.
• Constantly kept the supply – demand balance in check between 2011 and 2015.
• Negotiated a particularly profitable supplier contract which reduced cost of acquiring raw materials by 45%.
• Reorganized the inventory management system which increased stock level information efficiency by 36%.


SPECTRUM BRANDS, Watertown, SD | 6/2005 to Present
Retail Buyer

• Develop and implement strategies to acquire materials from wholesalers.
• Perform research to determine quantity and type of items required by customers.
• Handle product lifecycle from the planning stage to initial release.
• Obtain information from store executives to determine types of items required.
• Manage and analyze stock levels and make lists of goods to be acquired.
• Contact vendors and wholesalers to determine availability to required merchandise.
• Negotiate prices and delivery schedules to ensure that budget needs are fulfilled.
• Judge product quality by carefully checking each item before a consignment is bought.
• Choose which product ranges are most popular and ensure that sufficient quantity is obtained.
• Review and track sales performance figures and ensure that information regarding competition is derived accurately.

HAVANA JEANS, Watertown, SD | 1/2001 to 5/2005
Assistant Retail Buyer

• Contacted store personnel to determine demands for particular products.
• Created work orders and ensured that all detail (colors, sizes and fabrics) are obtained accurately.
• Maintained and monitored purchase orders, shipping and allocations.
• Created periodic reports to support merchandising strategies.
• Developed product assortments and assisted in placing orders.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Major: Retail Management

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