Merchandising Assistant Resume Objectives

Updated on: November 5, 2015

In the old days, most people found it enough to make a very simple resume outlining the jobs they had held, and that was it. The next step was sending it in.

In these more complicated times of tough competition for every advertised job, it’s no longer so simple.

Nowadays, hiring managers get dozens of resumes for every job they advertise, and once they’re all in it’s a nightmare to go through them. So when the hiring manager picks up a resume, he or she wants to know at once what the candidate is all about. And he will know this only through the resume objective.

The resume objective is what will tell the hiring manager what you want to do in your career, what your over-arching goal is. Not in your present job, not even in the new job you hope to get, but in your life. In your career. Do you want to make something in the world better through your skills and abilities? Or do you want to start something new? What do you want to do in your life, with the qualifications that you have?

And it is entirely up to you what preferences you want to use, how you want to project yourself.

You can use the following:

Career Sector
Professional area Organization
General skills Special skills
Beneficiaries Geographical area
Long term goals Short term goals

Of course, there are some instructions you should follow:

• Make sure your resume objective centers around the job you’re trying to get!
• Make it short and sweet – and no flowery language!

Now have a look at the samples given below for the resume of a merchandising assistant:

Merchandising Assistant Resume Objectives

• Seeking a position as a Merchandising Assistant at Toys for Tots bringing exceptional skills in making assortment plans to the table.

• Looking for a position as a Merchandising Assistant at Carry on Products using exceptional expertise in coordinating with design teams to work on product direction for the long term.

• Desire a Merchandising Assistant position at Giantorus Toys. Offering skills in working with long term product lines with the view of generating extra revenues and increased customer interest.

• To get a position as Merchandising Assistant with AA Grocers. Demonstrated ability to plan product ranges and prepare stock and sales plans.

• To work as a Merchandising Assistant at Tiger Fabrics applying deep insight into planning budgets and presenting sales forecasts for new product ranges.

• Searching for a Merchandising Assistant position at Dante’s Store. Offering hands-on experience in planning product ranges and preparing sales and stock plans.

• Looking for a position as a Merchandising Assistant at BHS. Eager to apply competencies in analyzing past sales figures to anticipate future product needs and devising correlating merchandising plans.