CV for Retail Assistant with No Experience

Updated October 27, 2022
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CVs of experienced and inexperienced Retail Assistants differ in many ways.

To begin with, the experience section is absent at the entry level. Therefore, volunteer work and education sections are useful as an alternative.

There are also some differences in the tone.

The CV of a beginner reflects keenness and motivation along with a desire to learn and excel in the field.

Entry Level New Retail Assistant CV Format

A CV for the retail assistant position with no experience must ideally contain the following sections:

Name and Contact Details

This is the foremost part of any CV, make sure the address and contact numbers are error-free.

Objective Statement

This section provides information about your core skills and knowledge, and how you intend to use your knowledge at your workplace.

Relevant Skills and Qualifications

This is where you enlist your qualifications.

Volunteer Work Experience

Any volunteer work, relevant or not must be added to your CV at the entry level.


It is advisable to cover this section in detail to make up for the lack of experience.

Below is a CV sample for a retail assistant position with no experience in hand.

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Sample CV for Retail Assistant With No Experience

Louis Jade
877 Yale Ave
Irvine, CA 67331
(000) 754-8565
louis . jade @ email . com


A people person with a knack for helping customers, coworkers, and managers.

Detail-oriented and energetic, seeking a retail assistant position at the Super Star Mall. Extensive knowledge of retail policies and strategies. Full command of billing and POS operations. Exceptionally proficient in visual merchandising, product demos, and cash handling. Exposure to and high-level tolerance to diverse cultures

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Special ability to understand customer’s preferences and offer what they seek
• Knowledge of customer base expansion strategies
• Expert in shelf stocking, displaying products, and safely packing the same
• Well-versed in warranty processing, products return, and change
• A long-term interest in developing and retaining productive customer relationships


May 2022 – Oct 2022
• Assisted diverse patients with basic dressing and grooming tasks
• Administered medication
• Carried out basic housekeeping duties
• Monitored the physical and mental condition of clients
• Communicated the status of the patient to the case manager

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration
Technical Collge, Irvine, CA – 2021
Major: Marketing


Travel: Won an international trip with a team of 6 tourists last year as part of the foreign educational and cultural exchange program and visited a total of 15 colleges and universities in different countries including Great Britain, Australia, and Germany

Sports and Adventure: Regular player of the school soccer team and active member of the ISOB sports and adventure club

• Multilingual: Fluent in English, French, and Spanish
• Ability to lift 50 lbs
• Excellent numeracy skills
• Familiar with the ISO 900