Architect Objectives for Resume

Updated: March 25, 2018

Architect Job Description

Architects work in the construction arena where they are required to draw up plans and supervise a team of construction workers to manage the construction of a building.

They are experts in their work because they are backed by architectural degrees and with some practical experience they can get right jobs working in this capacity.

There are many duties that architects are expected to perform which may include constructing buildings, making alterations and renovations and even conservation of old buildings and relics.

They are also responsible for managing the surrounding areas of a building in a visually pleasing manner. Architects are involved in a project from its inception which is why their opinion is essential in the selection construction sites and drafting plans. They prepare feasibility reports of the site and advise clients on how practical or impractical a site or building design may be.

Architect Objective Statement

When writing a resume for architect position, applicants are expected to communicate their knowledge of drafting, construction materials and a formal degree to back up all this knowledge. Although an objective section of Architect’s Resume is considered as optional. If well-written and targeted, it can bring a significant effect on the prospective employer.

See the following objective statements of an architect resume to get a better idea.


Sample Objectives for Architect Resume

1. Seeking a position as an Architect with Core Construction Co. utilizing knowledge of construction drafting, materials and resources to bring construction projects to success

2. An Architect position with the URS Corporation using strong creative design portfolio along with strong communication, teamwork, presentation, and graphics skills, and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

3. To work as an Architect with Edit Us. Bringing extensive experience and knowledge of layered construction solutions and the ability to manage diverse technical configurations within multiple construction projects

4. Looking for an Architect position with AIA DC using the ability to read and interpret architectural and engineering plans and specifications to bring the projects to a successful completion

5. Desire an Architect position with Liberty Mutual. Offering proficiency in planning and designing and construction administration to bring construction projects to timely fruition

6. To obtain a position as an Architect with Lead Performances where a strong knowledge of construction design, documentation and project management can be utilized to use for the timely completion of projects