Data Architect Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 5, 2015

A resume objective sums up all that an applicant is about. This includes his personality, job skills, work qualifications and the experience that he has gained over the years. The resume objective is all-inclusive. And this is why it is a popular way of starting off a resume, despite many resume writing experts negating its importance.

It is true that the resume objective has been taken over by the summary of qualifications. However, in some instances, people still prefer to use resume objectives as they are short and to the point. Popular instances where objectives are used include resumes that denote career changes or entry level resumes. Since applicants in these situations need something to fall back on when introducing themselves, objectives are the obvious choice.

Writing a resume objective is easy if you know what it is used for. A resume objective is primarily used to introduce an applicant to the employer. It includes a snippet of the information that follows in the rest of the resume. It is an introduction which prepares the reader for the information that he is likely to derive from the resume. Some hiring managers do not even bother reading other resume sections if they do not like what they see in a resume objective. Some may not bother reading the rest if they find the resume objective attractive enough – they just pick up the phone and call the candidate in for an interview.

Here is a list of resume objectives for a data architect position:

Data Architect Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a Data Architect position at Resolvit using demonstrated expertise in designing and building data structures and developing and supporting data modeling and integrity standards.

• Seeking a Data Architect position with World Fuel employing exceptional ability to ensure consistency and integration of new data designs into existing data structures.

• Desire a position as a Data Architect at Netflix. Offering hands-on experience of developing and modifying data models based onset designs and developing data policies and procedures for structural designs.

• To work as a Data Architect for Hilton Worldwide by employing proficiency in building and implementing data management policies and lifecycle strategies for all existing data stores.

• To obtain employment as a Data Architect at Zoosk. Offering adeptness at creating and implementing complex data models and optimizing application configurations and schemes of exiting databases.

• Seeking a position as a Data Architect at Dell. Eager to apply competencies in maintaining metadata infrastructures and data dictionaries, along with ability to identify opportunities for data consolidation and design improvements.