Firefighter Resume Sample

Updated on May 27, 2016


Regardless of the firefighter resume format that you choose, you need to decide what will go into your resume particularly.

If prospective employer has provided clear instructions of what he wants to see in a resume, follow them specifically. If not, use your own imagination and knowledge of firefighting to create a resume that is prolific and to the point.

A sample resume for firefighter position is provided below for your reference:


Firefighter Resume Sample


Christopher Evans

300 Cleveland Avenue ● Flint ● MI 48021 ● (000) 999-1410 ● chrisevans @ email . com


Professional Summary: Experienced firefighter with vast exposure to life-threatening situations and an inherent ability to respond to them efficiently by employing exceptional skills in firefighting and emergency management. Highly effective in rendering assistance in emergency cases by following strict SOPs and emergency handling techniques. Verifiable track record of providing support and assistance at scenes of accidents crashes and commercial and residential fires. Effectively provide first aid and CPR support in the absence of ambulance services. Known for advising businesses on fire safety by pointing out potential risks and ways of handling them appropriately.


• Emergency Response• Fire Prevention Operations• Equipment Readiness
• Incident Evaluation• Human and Animal Rescue• Fire Apparatus Operations
• Fire Safety Directives• Equipment Maintenance• Fire Inspections
• Pre-fire Analysis• Hazards Review• Fire Behavior Comprehension

• Successfully extinguished a large scale fire that broke out in a local hotel by effectively deploying team on all corners of the building.
• Trained 15 newly certified firefighters in firefighting work and disseminated their services across the city office.
• Prevented a possible fire from erupting in a commercial building by recognizing early signs of a hazardous situation and promptly alerting the building management.
• Introduced a new firefighting apparatus which increased firefighting efficiency by 80% owing to its 4-nozzle technology.


Firefighter | 6/2011 to Present
City of Flint, Flint, MI

• Respond to emergency calls by quickly obtaining and recording important information such as location and caller’s identity
• Gather and coordinate the efforts of firefighting team and provide them with heads up as they prepare for dispatch
• Ascertain that all firefighting equipment and apparatus are in good working order
• Drive fire truck to the incident and ascertain that it is set up as quickly as possible
• Handle water hoses appropriately by setting proper pressure and ensure that it is pointed correctly

Firefighter | 7/2007 to 6/2011
AA Company, Flint, MI

• Assisted in rescuing people trapped at the scene for fire by following standard protocols for rescue
• Provided first aid and CPR to victims of fires and crashes to ensure their wellbeing before an ambulance arrives
• Created logs and reports regarding each incident by ensuring that all relevant information is added
• Performed preventative and general maintenance on firefighting trucks, apparatuses and equipment

Trainee Firefighter | 2/2006 to 7/2007
Flint Fire Prevention, Flint, MI

• Serviced emergency calls by obtaining important information such as location of incident and callers’ identities.
• Promptly relayed information to the firefighting team and assisted them in preparing for dispatch
• Accompanied firefighting team to the scene of incident and assisted them in setting up equipment
• Provided assistance to victims of fire breakouts and car crashes by providing them with emotional and physical support
• Ascertained the overall cleanliness and maintenance of firefighting equipment and trucks on a regular basis

Current CPAT Certification – State of Michigan

Flint High School, Flint, MI – 2004
High School Diploma

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