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Updated: March 7, 2019

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Fire Inspector Resume Writing Tips

A fire inspector resume should contain information about the applicant’s ability to handle a wide variety of fire prevention activities.

In addition, mention the ability to ensure that assigned facilities conform to fire codes and regulations.

While it may seem that a resume for a fire inspector position is easy to write, it does have many complications.

For instance, writing the experience and skills sections will require you to do a thorough self-analysis.

Also, you should highlight your skills and experience as a fire inspector in a proper manner.

A resume sample for a fire inspector position is provided below:

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Fire Inspector Resume Sample



Meghan Rocker
27 Jam Bean Road, Rockford, IL 60210
(000) 999-9999


Competent fire inspector with 8+ years of experience in developing and implementing fire prevention strategies. Ability to search for fire hazards, and provide suggestions.
• Implemented a fire prevention system, hence, reduced incidents of fire.
• Introduced a series of evacuation plans, so as to ensure employee safety.
• Explicitly devised a cause determination system, which proved to be 20% more efficient.


• Inspection • Equipment Use  • Code Identification
• Corrective Actions • Cause Determination • Inspection Reporting
• Recommendations • Hazard Prevention • Code Compliance
• Evacuation Plans • Follow-up • Education Programs


Fire Inspector
Centerra, Rockford, IL               2013-present
• Check assigned premises to determine safety hazards and conditions.
• Search for fire hazards, and highlight them.
• Test fire alarms and sprinklers in order to ensure their functionality.
• Review emergency evacuation plans.
• Ensure buildings are equipped with sprinklers and fire extinguishers.
• Locate and highlight fire code violations.
• Test and calibrate fire protection systems.
• Ensure that buildings are in accordance with laws and codes.
• Write and file reports of incidents such as fires and potential arson threats.
• Inspect places that store and handle materials in order to ensure their safety.
• Conduct practice fire drills.
• Evaluate evacuation procedures.
• Determine the causes of fire, as well as follow up on incidents.

Fire Inspection Officer
Bay View Residential, Rockford, IL             2010-2013
• Inspected premises in order to ensure fire prevention.
• Conducted follow-ups on preliminary investigations.
• Maintained documents such as fire inspection files.
• Inspected gasoline storage tanks.
• Assisted in conducting fire and safety programs.
• Created and maintained detailed records of files.

Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Safety
Rockford College, Rockford, IL – 2009

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