Field Inspector Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2018

There is a great chance that your cover letter will be accepted, and will become the reason for hiring you at a position that you want if you pay it the attention that it requires.

Writing a cover letter is important because hiring managers need to know what your skills and competencies are before they give you an opportunity to sit across from them on the interview table.

A cover letter that is relevant and complete is a successful one. One that does not cover the basics of your qualifications won’t be. It is up to you to decide how to go about it.

Making sure that your cover letter is spot on with what a hiring authority is looking for in a person is important. When you write things correctly, or at least as close to what the hiring manager wants, you have a great chance at being a success.

To see one way in which you can write your cover letter, have a look at the following sample:


Field Inspector Cover Letter Example



February 27, 2018

Mr. Ronald Young
Human Resource Manager
The Bank of America
87 Teal Avenue SE
Deerfield, DE50311


Dear Mr. Young:

I am responding to your job posting for a Field Inspector. For the last five years, I have been working as a field inspector in the banking capacity. The experience and skills that I have developed will go a long way in positively contributing to your bank. By going through the enclosed resume, you will attain a better view of why I believe that I am perfect for the job of a field inspector at The Bank of America

Over the time that I have worked as a field inspector, I have been actively scanning assigned properties to determine their specific situations and conditions, and to figure out their values. With my ability to go into the details of each property, and to determine if there are any applied litigations, I will be an instant credit to your bank.

Since I have been working in this capacity for such a long time, I am well-versed in providing visual inspections of properties by taking photographs and writing correlating reports, based on acquired facts and visuals. My efforts in this regard have helped the management with determining property valuations and obtaining preservation services.

I am sure that once you have met with me in person, you will be able to judge my ability to contribute to your organization more profoundly. To organize a meeting between us, I will call you soon. Until then, you may contact me at (888) 888 – 8888 if required.




Sammy Junior

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