Entry Level Police Officer Resume No Experience | Sample

Updated October 22, 2021
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So, you have decided to opt for law enforcement as a career? 

That’s a great decision. 

The next step to pursue your dream is to build a winning resume!

Since the position is entry-level, you wouldn’t have much experience to showcase except for your internship or any volunteer work. 

Though these are worth mentioning, it is best to shift the focus onto your skills as a police officer.

Take a look at the following resume sample to get a better idea.

Sample Resume for Entry Level Police Officer With No Experience

213 Hitachi Lane, Livermore, CA 94553
(000) 324-6532


Passionate to serve the community by providing people with safe surroundings.

Energetic and quick Police Officer, looking for an entry-level position with the Livermore Police Department. Offers extensive knowledge and skills in crime prevention strategies, patrolling, and order maintenance.

Police Training Institute, City of Livermore, CA | 2020

AAS degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Community College, Livermore, CA | 2019

Related Coursework

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Corrections: Policies and Procedures
  • Crime Prevention Techniques
  • Criminal Law and Judicial Process
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency


  • Proficient in patrolling the assigned area for the protection of life and property
  • Traffic control expertise and know-how
  • Proven ability to spread Public safety awareness
  • Bilingual: Spanish and English
  • Knowhow of constitutional mandates and familiarity with general law reinforcement procedures
  • Well versed in crime detection and investigation
  • Adept at carrying out public service tasks
  • Familiar with sensitive public dealing procedures and protocols in emergency situations


  • Report writing
  • Data collection and organization
  • Usage of electronic and other media for crime investigation


Criminal Justice Externship
Livermore Police Department, Livermore, CA
May 2021 – Oct 2021
Completed 300 hours of training-based internship.

  • Assisted senior officrs in patrolling the assigned area during assigned hours.
  • Generated daily reports based on the day’s duties and events.
  • Participated in public awareness of crime protection campaigns.

Volunteer Security Officer
Youth Center, Livermore, CA
Jan 2021 – Mar 2021

  • Ensured young participants’ adherence to the facility’s laws and procedures.
  • Conducted rounds in the facility to ensure the prevalence of peace.
  • Built trust in young people using the facility and educated them regarding crime prevention.

Current California driver’s license


  • Quick reflexes, great physical stamina, and vigilance
  • Know-how of and adherence to POST standards (Peace officer standards and training)
  • Excellent auditory and visual senses
  • Clean medical drug and criminal history
  • Capable of testifying in local courts when needed

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