Biochemist Resume Sample

Updated on: August 12, 2017

How do you ensure that your resume comes on top when the resume pool is being explored?

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Below is a sample resume to help you:




Biochemist Resume Example



Megan Truman

874 Shearsburg Road, New Kensington, PA 67212
(000) 541-5214
meg.tru @ email . com


Performance Summary
14+ years of extensive experience in researching and studying the chemical composition and processes of living organisms, with special emphasis on ensuring that studies bring about vital information that can be used in development of disease detection test procedures.

Skilled in designing experiments to test theories regarding the function of chemicals in the body, investigating abnormal biochemical conditions, and providing insight into problems and limitations with the system.

Analyzes body chemicals through proper implementation of procedures such as gel electrophoresis and amino acid assay. Ability to create and submit written reports of findings of biochemical procedures, for assistance in procedure development.

Professional Skills

✓ Diagnostic Testing ✓ Results Analysis ✓ Research
✓ Experiments Design ✓ Equipment Management ✓ Findings Documentation
✓ Sample Preparation ✓ Aseptic Techniques ✓ Assay Exposure
✓ Procedures Development ✓ Reactions Investigation ✓ Pollutants Detection


________ Key Highlights ________

• Devised a foolproof method to isolate specimens, and keep them from being contaminated.
• Designed and implemented a series of biochemical experiments, which could be tweaked to meet the individual requirements of each condition.
• Implemented a novel pollutant detection system, which proved to be 85% more accurate than the one already in place.
• Successfully performed 75 diagnostic tests in 1 day, during a specifically hectic day at work.

________ Professional Experience ________

Biochemist | 3/2009 – Present
Becton Dickson and Company, New Kensington, PA
• Study the complex chemical combinations and reactions, part of metabolism, reproduction, growth and heredity
• Plan complex research project, design relevant experiments, and develop studies to improve research and experimentation
• Isolate, analyze and synthesize molecules and cells to determine their specifications and impact
• Set up and operate all testing and study equipment, ensuring that they are calibrated properly
• Study drugs, foods and biological processes and work with complex molecules and apply research to hypothesis
• Prepare and submit reports tied to assigned researches, and ensure that all laboratory procedures are properly documented
• Develop and execute tests to detect diseases and genetic disorders, and provide correlating advice
• Perform analysis on food items to determine nutritional values and effects of cooking and canning

Laboratory Assistant | 2/2003 – 3/2009
The Medical Group, New Kensington, PA
• Prepared specimens according to specified procedures to make them ready for testing purposed
• Set up and calibrated laboratory equipment and instruments, ensuring that they are ready for testing purposes
• Assisted technicians in saving samples in a safe manner, and creating and updating laboratory logs
• Provided support in performing experiments, ensuring that all instructions are followed properly
• Ascertained that all lab areas were properly cleaned and sanitized on a continuous basis

Pennsylvania State University, New Kensington, PA | 2002
Master’s Degree in Biochemistry