Entry Level Biochemist Resume Sample

Updated on: August 13, 2017

Entry level biochemist resumes can be as complicated to write as those that are written for experienced positions.

Since the resume is technically used to provide hiring managers with information on what one is capable of doing, it needs to be written in a way that it highlights your salient features.

A resume that talks about everything but doesn’t say much is considered a waste of time.

When you are writing a resume for the first time, your entire concentration should be on how well it is structured, and what kind of information it exudes. If the resume focuses on your skills and achievements, it will be successful in getting you an interview. At the entry level, you can choose to put in your academic achievements, since you will probably not possess any that are related to the job. Concentrating on your skills is imperative at this point.

Here is a sample of an entry level resume for a biochemist position:



Entry Level Biochemist Resume Example



Simon Grisham

902 14th Avenue, Altoona, PA 69978
(000) 999-2012
Simon.grish @ email . com


Performance Summary
Highly enthusiastic individual with an inherent interest in studying the chemistry of living things, including chemical combinations, and reactions involved in metabolism, reproduction and growth. Qualified to research methods of transferring characteristics, including disease resistance.
Skilled in developing and executing tests to detect diseases and genetic disorders. Competent in analyzing food components to determine their nutritional values and effects of cooking and processing. Familiar with isolating, analyzing and identifying hormones, vitamins, allergens and minerals.

Skills & Knowledge

✓ Experiments Designing ✓ Chemical Analysis ✓ Reports Production
✓ Abnormality Detection ✓ Diagnostic Processes ✓ Equipment Setup
✓ Sample Preparation ✓ Research ✓ Findings Assessment


Altoona Technical College, Altoona, PA | 2017
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Academic Achievements / Volunteering Work
• Received Student of the Year Award for 3 years in a row, owing to constant and widespread contribution to major college activities.
• Volunteered as a lab assistant for 5 months, during the hunt for a workable lab assistance solution.


Intern | 1/2017 – 5/2017
Gingko Bioworks, Altoona, PA
• Set up and calibrated laboratory equipment, ensuring that it was in good working condition
• Collected and stored samples and specimens and ensured that they were kept from being contaminated
• Assisted in performing analytic testing on samples and specimen, in accordance with laid out principles
• Provided support in developing and executing tests to detect disease and genetic disorders
• Assisted in cleaning, purifying and refining pharmaceutical compounds, intended for commercial distribution