A work day in a firefighter’s life will consist of combating fires engendered by arson, natural disasters or accidents. These are highly trained professionals who provide fire suppressing services and may also aid paramedics in their activities and attempts to save victims of fires.

Firefighters are required to possess a high school diploma at the very minimum but some employers prefer people with a degree in fire technology. Since this is a highly physical job, firefighters go through rigorous training and are tested both physically and in theory before being tagged as fit for the job.

Let us have a look at a resume template for this position that a person looking for a job at this position may use.

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Firefighter Resume Template


Kyle Minogue

125 Pony Ave| Oklahoma City, OK 63535 | (999) 019-9999 | Email


Eager to save life and property

• Four years of experience working as a Firefighter
• Hands on experience in performing fire suppression duties
• In depth knowledge of assisting in suppressing different types of fires by using appropriate extinguishing agents
• Highly skilled in operating fire control equipment and performing salvaging operations


• Hazard Identification• Scenes Survey• Victim Stabilization
• Distress Minimization• Specialized Equipment• Immediate Rescue
• CPR• Attention to Detail• Communication

• Achieved success in controlling a particularly wild fire at a local gas station by employing quick thinking and strategizing immediate fire suppression plans
• Promoted from apprentice to firefighter in under three months following excellent in providing auxiliary services to the team

City of Oklahoma– Oklahoma, OK
Firefighter | January 2010 – Present
• Respond to fire alarms and rush to the scene of the fire
• Apply stream of water to suppress fire where appropriate
• Use extinguishing agents to suppress fire where needed
• Create ventilation openings in buildings to let in air for survivors
• Assist paramedics in providing CPR and first aid services
• Administer other medical care to injured people

City of Oklahoma– Oklahoma, OK
Firefighter Apprentice | November 2009 – January 2010
• Managed maintenance on water hoses and nozzles
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining firefighting equipment and tools
• Managed inventory and supplies as instructed
• Provided office assistance in terms of correspondence and other paperwork

St. Peter’s College – Oklahoma City, OK
Associates Degree in Fire Science – 2009

• Excellent physical dexterity
• Well honed judgment
• Exceptional problem solving and decision making skills
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing
• “Can do” attitude