Architect Objective Statements for Resume

Updated on September 3, 2018

Architects primarily work in the construction industry where their work involves designing, developing, analyzing and testing architectural solutions for their clients. They may work on either commercial or residential buildings depending on their specific interest and training.

Architects are involved in a construction project from its inception to its completion. At every stage, an architect is required to oversee the project and assist the construction team in bringing it to fruition. This position requires an individual to possess a solid educational background in engineering or architecture.

If you feel that you have it in you to be an architect, the following resume objective samples may interest you for your resume.


Sample Objectives for Architect Resume

• An Architect position with Duplo Core utilizing training and experience in drafting and designing commercially apt architectural designs.

• Seeking an Architect position at ABC Company using the ability to conceptualize and develop operational architectural solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

• To obtain employment as an Architect with the World Architects where I may be able to employ creativity in designing processes along with excellent grasp on the details that are necessary to execute creative ideas.

• Desire a position as an Architect at XYZ Company. Offering strong knowledge of the different staged of architectural design development along with expertise in employing methods to bring construction projects to completion in a time efficient manner.

• To work as an Architect with Nielsen. Bringing expertise in data modeling and design development.