Architect Objective Statements for Resume

Updated September 25, 2019

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Architects primarily work in the construction industry. Their work involves designing, developing, analyzing, and testing architectural solutions for their clients.


They may work on either commercial or residential buildings depending on their specific interest and training. This position requires an individual to possess a solid educational background in engineering or architecture.

Writing a compelling Architect resume objective statement can be challenging. If it is not attractive, the hiring manager may lose interest in reading the rest of your resume.

How to write an Architect Resume Objective?
  1. Emphasize your top skills and relevant experience, as well as your enthusiasm, in the objective statement.
  2. Explicitly customize the objective statement as per needs of the prospective employer.
  3. Mention your ability to oversee the project and assist the construction team in bringing it to fruition.


The following resume objective samples may interest you to add in your resume.


Sample Objectives for Architect Resume

• An Architect position at Duplo Core utilizing extensive training and experience in drafting and designing commercially apt architectural designs. Verifiable track record in supervising construction teams to bring the project to fruition.

• Seeking an Architect position at ABC Company. Ability to conceptualize and develop operational architectural solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Skilled in Revit, SketchUp, and Adobe.

• To obtain employment as an Architect with the World-Architects. Bringing creativity in designing processes along with an excellent grasp on the details that are necessary to execute creative ideas. Ability to use Bluebeam, BSD SpecLink, and MS Office programs.

• Desire a position as an Architect at XYZ Company. Strong knowledge of the different staged of architectural design development. Known for using methods to bring construction projects to completion in a time-efficient manner.

• To work as an Architect for Nielsen Co. Bringing expertise in designing, developing, analyzing, and testing modern architectural solutions. CAD Cerified.

• Top-performing Architect seeking a challenging position at X Company. Solid track record of designing commercial and residential buildings. Special talent for analyzing and testing complex architectural designs..

• To obtain the position of Architect with Duplo & Co; coming with exceptional ability to conceptualize and develop operational architectural solutions and create commercially successful designs.

• Technically-inclined Architect interested in working for ABC Company. Solid background in data and computer modeling, and top designs development.

• Uniquely qualified Architect with an exceptional record in handling multiple projects simultaneously. Proficient in both residential and commercial building projects. Currently seeking a position at HBC Company.

• A strong desire to work for X company as an Architect. Successful track record of overseeing architectural designs to reach the desired targets. Known to present creative ideas to coworkers and managers.

• An enthusiastic and driven Architect looking for a job at the City of NY.  Talented in working on sophisticated designs while disseminating information to site workers. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Well-versed with CAD and BIM.


Entry Level Architect Resume Objectives (No Experience)

• New graduate Architect looking for a position at AA Contractors. Strong knowledge of modern architectural design principles and methods.

• Results-driven professional with a Master’s degree in architecture. Looking for an Architect position with a renowned construction company. Skilled in creating and implementing successful development plans.

• Desire an Architect position at Beta Company. Bachelor’s degree in architecture with fast learning ability, software proficiency, and highly creative approach.

• Fresh and energetic Architect looking for a challenging role. Offers good general working knowledge of architecture and design, as well as best practices, trends and codes.