Admissions Recruiter Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: August 8, 2021

Position Overview

Admissions recruiters are hired by colleges and universities to assist the management in selecting and recruiting the right type of students for each program or course offered. They determine students’ eligibility according to standards set by the educational institute.

The basic work of an admissions recruiter is to create and implement outreach and marketing plans according to the specifications/criteria provided by the institute’s management.

Typically, an admissions recruiter’s success is based on how many eligible students he or she can bring in to the college or university.

Job Description For Admissions Recruiter Resume

• Determine student eligibility criteria by conferring with the management and create correlating recruitment plans.

• Plan and implement outreach programs to market the institute’s presence and offered services and programs.

• Serve as primary contact for all admissions and course or program-related queries.

• Organize events such as college fairs to assist the recruitment department in handling outreach activities.

• Articulate the college’s mission to a variety of publics and act as a liaison between external parties and the college office.

• Assist eligible students in filling out admission forms and attempt to expedite their applications.

• Maintain up-to-date reports on queries and applicants in a safe and confidential manner.

• Respond to inquiries regarding offered programs and courses by following set college protocols and procedures.

• Maintain a steady flow of communication between the college office and prospective students through traditional mail, email, and social media avenues.

• Present information regarding perks of enrolling into college programs and special services offered by the college

• Audit student records while notifying students about any problems with their records including incompleteness and missing documents.

• Coordinate recruitment programs such as scholarship awarding programs and national student exchange programs.

Educational Requirements

To work as an admissions recruiter, it is important to possess a degree in communications or business.

It is also imperative to possess a lot of energy if you want to work as an admissions recruiter, as you have to do a lot of outreach work.


They need to be great communicators as they are in constant contact with students and their parents, and it is important for them to be able to communicate information to them in a clear manner.

Since admissions recruiters perform a lot of their work through print and social media, it is important for them to be able to handle both with ease.