Sample Thank You Letter After Nursing Interview

Updated May 12, 2022
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Post-interview thank-you or follow-up letters are often neglected by job seekers.

But sending a brief thank you note following a job interview is influential in conveying one’s interest in the nursing job opportunity.

How to Write a Perfect Thank You Letter After Nursing Interview?

There is no specific format for a thank you letter, however general, business-letter writing guidelines are followed while drafting one.

1. Your thank you letter must reiterate your interest in the nursing position while emphasizing your qualifications for the job.
2. Don’t forget to add any follow-up information regarding your candidacy that the interviewer had asked for during the interview.
3. Keep your letter brief and include what you like about the employer while communicating how much interested you are in the position at hand.
4. If there is some piece of information regarding your candidacy that you forgot to mention in the interview, write it in the thank you letter.
5. Your thank you letter must ideally reach the interviewer within 2-3 working days following the interview.

Here is an example:

Nursing Interview Thank You Letter Sample

Fiona Derek
75 Timber Lane
Arlington, VA 56788
(000) 951-5214
fiona .derek @ email . com

May 12, 2022

Mr. Harold Christopher
HR Manager
89 Hemingway Street
Central Hospital
Arlington, VA 56788

Dear Mr. Christopher:

It was a pleasure speaking with you last Thursday with reference to the Registered Nurse position at Central Hospital. I enjoyed meeting you and highly appreciate the time you took to interview me, especially during this busy time of the year. I found the Nursing position with Central Hospital to be very challenging yet exciting and challenging and look forward to joining your healthcare team.

After discussing your expectations of the ideal candidate in detail, I am completely confident that my qualifications are an exact match to your requirements. With my educational background and relevant experience in the ER department, I will prove to be a valuable asset to the medical support team at Central Hospital. I feel confident that your patients and residents will be directly benefited from a dedicated nursing professional who is eager to deliver high-quality patient care.

Thank you again for such an informative and interesting meeting, I look forward to moving on to the next step on the selection ladder. If you have any further questions regarding my background and qualifications, please feel free to contact me at (000) 951-5214. I will be glad to furnish you with the required additional details regarding my profile.

Thank you for your time and consideration. My detailed portfolio, resume, and two reference letters are attached for your perusal.


Fiona Derek
(000) 951-5214

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