Vet Receptionist Resume Example

Updated on: February 25, 2016

Developing a resume for a front desk or reception position – where customer services is the prime focus – requires great effort at your end. Jumping from concept to concept in a resume is no fun reading for the employer who is looking for solid information and as little effort from his or her end as possible. If you have written about your skills in one section, do not go and create another section headed “additional skills”. What is the point? Information of the same kind needs to be clubbed under one head – that is the standard.

As far as a sample resume for vet receptionist is concerned, here is one to help you in your resume writing efforts:


Vet Receptionist Resume Example


Angeline Cooper

7 North Street ● Langdon, ND 58332 ● (000) 141-4545 ● angelina.cooper @ email . com


Summary: Customer service-oriented individual with inherent love and respect for animals and hands-on experience of working as a first contact representative in a large animal care facility. Highly skilled in providing information regarding clinical practices and assisting veterinary doctors in providing care to animals.

• Proven ability to determine clients’ nature of visit to clinics and provide them with correlating information of services
• Skilled in creating, maintaining and modifying patients’ records and processing records transfers efficiently
• Able to effectively restrain animals using predefined techniques to ensure that no harm comes to them
• Deep insight into monitoring housed animals to ensure their health and wellbeing


Service Facilitation Appointments Scheduling Follow-up
Surgical Cage Preparation Office Maintenance Procedure Documentation
Invoicing Procedures Records Management Office Equipment Use
PABX Handling Sample Handling Patient Transfers


PETS AND VETS, Langdon, ND | July 2011 – Present

• Streamline the patient transfer procedure by implementing a smooth online re-registration process with 14 veterinary hospitals onboard
• Introduce a “comfortable” surgical cage to the facility, resulting in decreased incidents of animal discomfort
• Greet clients and provide them with information regarding the facility’s services
• Engage animals / pets by greeting them and performing gestures to keep them comfortable
• Register new pets / animals into the facility database by ensuring completeness and accuracy of data
• Receive and service calls for information and schedule appointments over the telephone and in person
• Provide reminders to clients regarding vaccinations and pre surgery and surgery procedures
• Assist in restraining animals during examinations and sampling procedures
• Ascertain that blood and urine samples are sent to corresponding labs for testing purposes
• Follow up on labs to obtain diagnostic reports and inform clients of their availability
• Ascertain the cleanliness, sanitization and maintenance of reception area and treatment rooms

Front Desk Assistant

• Created a completely confidential records management system resulting in increased records integrity
• Implemented an appointments scheduling structure, which was designed to provide automatic reminders for pet vaccinations and surgical procedures to enrolled pet owners
• Serviced telephone calls for information on the facility’s services
• Welcomed pet owners and pets and provided them with required information
• Scheduled appointments and followed up on them, particularly for procedures and vaccinations
• Cleaned and sanitized examination and surgical rooms using cleaning and disinfecting chemicals in a safe manner
• Assisted in restraining animals during procedures, sampling and examinations

THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL, Langdon, ND – 2006
High School Diploma