Receptionist Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated November 1, 2020
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Receptionist Job Description

Receptionists work in almost any kind of industry and organization. Hotels, offices, businesses, and salons highly rely on receptionists to help them maintain their professional image.

Receptionists are a great vault of information and provide visitors and customers with information that they need to know about an organization. They direct people to the concerned personnel and ensure that the telephone is operated appropriately.

They make telephone calls and provide information over the phone, along with handling many office tasks such as appointments and scheduling.

For people attempting to write a resume for the position of a receptionist, the following list of duties may come in handy:

Sample Duties for Receptionist Resume

  • Greet visitors and clients as they enter into the establishment and inquire how they may be assisted
  • Provide relevant information and direct people towards concerned departments or employees
  • Answer and forward telephone calls following company policies
  • Provide instructions to visitors regarding office procedures
  • Ensure that the reception area is clean and maintained at all times
  • Handle filing activities and manage employee records
  • Pick up, sort and deliver mail to the correct recipients
  • Plan and prepare meetings and conferences
  • Take minutes of the meetings and ensure that they are documented properly
  • Maintain an adequate level of office supplies and ensure their proper handling
  • Manage reservations, cancellations, and no-shows in line with company policies and procedures
  • Conduct and oversee regular security checks of the office and make sure that nothing is out of sync
  • Book meetings and arrange for courier services
  • Provide administrative support by handing out employee applications and assisting in filling them out
  • Provide visitors with badges and collect them when they are done with their tours
  • Issue parking passes and stickers
  • Perform faxing, emailing, printing, and scanning activities
  • Update appointments and schedule follow up appointments as instructed
  • Process payments for rendered services and assist in creating and disseminating memos and other official correspondence
  • Supervise office maintenance activities and help with billing and accounting procedures

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