Receptionist Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated September 20, 2018

The moment you enter the premises of a company, the first person you meet is a receptionist. Receptionists are considered the face of any organization because every client, visitor or guest liaises with this individual.

These professionals are essential to every organization as they provide preliminary information to people visiting an office and are responsible for coordinating many tasks within an office.

Job Description

Receptionists work in many settings including corporate, veterinary, hotel, spa, and medical facilities.

While the essence of their work remains the same at all place of works, they perform some specialized duties as per the requirements of the employer.

Receptionists are not only critical in providing a positive company image; they are also essential in managing an office’s administrative tasks so that it runs smoothly at all times as an organized office engenders effective business operations

. There is a vast array of duties that a receptionist is expected to perform; some may be just regular office work while others are particular to the industry that they are working in.

Below is a thorough job description of a receptionist. Use this description while preparing your resume for the receptionist position.


Multitasking is the primary skill needed for the receptionist job.

Receptionist Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet clients, visitors, and guests as they enter into office.

• Provide information regarding products or services of the company.

• Answer inquiries regarding services and availability of the personnel.

• Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments.

• Answer telephone calls and transfer calls to the appropriate person.

• Provide information to callers over the telephone.

• Respond to emails and office correspondence.

• Update employee attendance and visitors’ records.

• Assist visitors in filling out forms.

• Perform basic bookkeeping and record keeping duties.

• Update shift diaries and report maintenance issues.

• Perform light maintenance on equipment.

• Monitor, stock and restock office machines.

• Perform data entry and filing activities.

• Keep work area clean and tidy on a constant basis.

• Sort and distribute incoming mail.

• Assist in resolving clients’ issues and complaints.

• Manage inventory of office supplies and equipment.

• Order supplies and equipment when required.

• Schedule staff appointments with clients or company representatives.

• Liaise with departments and provide clerical support.

Additional Tasks for Medical Receptionists

• Take patient demographics and insurance information.

• Ensure that patients and visitors are educated on the clinical procedures and policies.

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