25 Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated June 19, 2021
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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what kind of questions a recruiter would be asking you in your next receptionist interview?

While we, unfortunately, can’t predict the exact interview, we can give you a list of the 25+ most likely and commonly asked receptionist interview questions and answers.

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25 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Receptionist

1. Tell me about yourself

I’m a front desk and customer service expert. Currently, I am working at ABC Company, where I handle a busy reception area. Before that, I worked at Texas Motel where I increased the client base by 50% through extreme dedication and commitment. And while I really enjoyed the work that I did, I’d love the chance to explore my potential much deeper, which is why I’m excited about a receptionist opportunity with your company.

2. What do you know about our company?

You provide highly trusted and reliable recruitment services to businesses in several industries. Your head office is located in Salt Lake City with five branch offices operating across three states of the USA. You have been awarded the number 1 rank in the recruitment services providing companies by the Utah State County for the last two consecutive years.

3. What interested you in obtaining a receptionist job with our company?

I have been following the success of your company for many years. I believe that It would provide me ample opportunity to make the most of my skills while maximizing the efficiency of your reception area.

4. Describe your job background and future goals in thirty seconds.

I worked as a receptionist for two years. Through my hands-on experience, I learned and developed numerous secretarial, customer service, and front desk skills. After serving in the role of the receptionist for some more years, I would like to get a job of more responsibility such as a supervisor or office manager.

5. What makes a receptionist’s work meaningful?

A receptionist’s work is probably the most fulfilling in any company. Providing excellence in customer services and presenting a positive face of the company on a front desk makes a receptionist’s work meaningful.

6. How do you describe yourself?

I am a thorough professional. While I know that it is essential to be friendly in my job, I also know my limitations, and I ensure that I would adhere to them.

7. How would your co-workers describe you?

I am confident that I would be considered as a patient, friendly, and hardworking individual among my coworkers. These are my inborn personality traits rather than a part of my job.

8. What is your greatest strength?

I am easily reachable. It means that I do not put customers or visitors off. I know how to control their moods. Also, I am a great problem solver and can handle even the worst of angry customers.

9. What is your greatest weakness?

I am not particularly skilled at conducting group presentations, but I am improving this skill with the passage of time.

(A group presentation task is not directly related to a receptionist’s job. It is just an honest weakness which is not essential for success for a receptionist’s post.)

10. Have you had experience maintaining a visitor log?

Yes. This included a manual register log as well as the automated thumb scanner’s log maintenance and verification.

11. What basic office equipment can you operate and use?

Printers, scanners, PC, thumb scanners, photocopiers, graph plotters, shredders, telephones, cash counters, and rings.

12. Why do you think we require excellent customer service ability from you?

I will be the first point of contact between your company and the stakeholders, clients, and customers. My customer service ability will set the first impression of your company. With my brilliant customer care expertise, I will be able to maintain strong professional relationships with clients/customers to increase recurring business and maximize client base.

13. Did you manage to add value to your role as a receptionist in your previous position? How did you do it?

I did. I worked with the belief that one should perform outside his or her job description at times. I have proved to be instrumental in three marketing campaigns of the company by providing excellence in support services.

14. Tell us about your technological skills.

I can manage popular databases and have the capacity to learn reception and CRM software quickly. I can also perform light bookkeeping tasks using spreadsheets and Quickbooks.

15. Are you proficient in QuickBooks?

I am well trained in using QuickBooks. I have hands-on experience in processing payrolls using it.

16. You will be required to type numerous documents created by the employees. What’s about your typing skills?

I possess ten-key typing ability, and my typing speed is approximately 60 words per minute with accuracy.

17. Do you enjoy interacting with the public?

I enjoy it immensely as I get to know new people from different backgrounds on a daily basis. Assisting them gives me great joy and makes my job fulfilling.

18. How would you coordinate meetings?

• By maintaining an appointment calendar and using Outlook or the company-specific portal for managing correspondence.
• Calling the respective personnel of the meetings/appointments confirmation and reminding the management of them.
• Organizing the meeting/conference halls while making sure everything required is functional for example the projector.
• Communicating and adjusting any particulars about the meetings (e.g., time/date) with the consultation of the management will be another integral part of meeting coordination.

19. How much weight can you regularly lift and carry?

Around 30lbs

20. How would you maintain manual attendance records in times of non-serviceability of the automated system?

By getting a print out of the employee list and marking their presence with time and date as soon as they arrive or by taking their signatures on it for verification and recording daily attendance on an excel sheet.

21. Can you operate a multiple line telephone exchange?

Yes! I can manage multi-switch PABX.

22. How can you handle irate visitors or customers? Give us an example where you managed to control one successfully.

I believe that arguing with an angry customer is fruitless. I listen to them and try to work out a resolution. There was a particularly angry customer who demanded to see the manager of the company that I was working for. He barged in, banged his fist on my desk, and yelled the place down. I asked him calmly if I could assist him and he said no. I requested him to sit down and lower his voice so I can understand his concern correctly. He explained his predicament calmly, I took the appropriate steps to resolve it, and he went back calmly.

23. How long would you expect to work for us if you are hired?

I am sure I would be here for a long time.

24. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

My goal is to become an office supervisor in the next 5 years. 

25. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
  • Can you share more about the specific receptionist responsibilities?
  • If I were hired for this receptionist role, what would your expectations from in my first 3 months?
  • What is the most important indicator of success in this receptionist role?
How to Prepare and Appear in a Receptionist Interview?
  1. Dress formally and appropriately.
  2. Reach the receptionist interview place 15 minutes ahead.
  3. Turn off your cellular phone before you enter the interview room.
  4. Make sure that you know the interviewer’s name. You can find out the same from the front desk personnel.
  5. Bring at least two extra copies of your resume along with three professional or educational references.
  6. Be confident; use body language and make eye contact with the interviewer and the panel.
  7. Read your receptionist’s resume while sitting in the waiting room.
  8. Send a thank-you note to the interviewer within two days after the interview.
Receptionist Interview Don’ts

✗ Don’t be rigid on salary. Instead, show your strong will to work for the prospective company.
✗ Don’t criticize your previous companies or employers.