Receptionist Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 19, 2015

Position Overview

Receptionists alone have the capacity to create a positive first impression on customers and visitors – or break the illusion that the company is customer-oriented. As a job that requires an individual to be pleasant and communicative, receptionists are scrutinized by supervisors on a constant basis. Since it is important for companies to ensure that they place a good impression on outsiders, people they hire as receptionists are a cut above the rest!

There are many different arenas that receptionists work in and their exact duties are dependent on their individual roles. A receptionist working in a hospital will need at least some information regarding healthcare matters so that she can talk intelligently with visitors and patients. One working for a business will need to possess some knowledge about the work that the company does so that she can provide information to inquirers. School receptionists will need to be well-versed in handling admission and curriculum queries.

Typically, receptionists working in any organization need to possess a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED. They will also need to possess a pleasant personality and be comfortable in handling complaints and angry customers. A well-organized mind and a robust personality is what makes a receptionist good at her work.

Sample Job Duties for Receptionist Resume

• Greet customers / patients / visitors as they arrive at the facility or company reception
• Provide information such as schedules, admission processes and product information
• Assist in handling complaints and suggestions by dealing with situations in a calm and collected manner
• Direct or escort visitors to their desired departments
• Monitor logbooks and issue visitor badges and maintain security by ensuring that the overall security measures are properly adhered to
• Maintain a clean and safe reception area by effectively complying to company / facility procedures
• Answer telephone calls and respond to inquiries for information regarding the facility or company
• Respond to emails and take and relay messages to intended recipients
• Handle reservations, cancellations and no-shows in accordance to company policies
• Report any maintenance and repair issues and follow up on them so that they are handled on time
• Arrange for couriers so that outgoing mail can be sent on time
• Receive and distribute incoming mail to intended recipients within the company or facility
• Update appointment calendars and schedule appointments, meetings and special events
• Maintain adequate inventory of supplies and equipment and handle official correspondence
• Develop and maintain filing and database systems and ensure that they are properly updated